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Interview | Vitruvian Physique Visits Myprotein HQ!

Vitruvian Physique visited the Myprotein HQ ahead of joining the Myprotein Team at the Bodypower Expo in Birmingham, UK. We had the chance to chat to him about the fitness industry. Find out what he had to say!


Where are you from? Why are you living in Australia?

That’s a complicated question to answer! I was born in in Latvia, but I call myself Russian and I speak Russian. I moved to Canada when I was 4 years old and have lived there ever since. However, I’m living in Australia right now for just under a year to escape the Canadian winter.

I always wanted a job which included travelling, where you aren’t locked down in a office.

What did you do before YouTube?

I used to work in a bank. I was a financial analyst for an investment firm. Absolutely the opposite of what I’m doing now. I liked it, but I just didn’t fit very well. People were looking at me and saying: “hmm you don’t look like a banker!”

What did you study?

I studied Human Physiology, which is why my channel is very science based. I don’t say stuff unless I can back it up. I finished my degree and then I realized that unless you’re going to be a doctor there’s not much to do with it. So in my third year I started to divert to Economics. I graduated with a double major in Human Physiology & Economics. This is what got me into banking. I have used the economic side of things for my career and the physiology for my YouTube channel.

When did you start working out properly?

First year of university when I was 19. I walked into the gym and realized that the guys without an impressive physique were doing what I was doing and the ones with impressive physiques took time to learn about nutrition and training and did their research. I realized that you need to know how to properly activate your muscles and that what you eat is even more important than your training.

You know a very good scientific knowledge. Where did you get it from?

I learnt everything online. I started getting into this before YouTube became a big thing. There were only like one or two guys doing videos at the time. I would encourage people to go and read articles or watch YouTube videos to learn more about fitness and nutrition. There are so many resources now, you just need to choose the accurate ones!

vitruvian physique shoulder press



Do you find dieting hard?

Yes! If you’re going to diet you need to put yourself in an energy deficit, also known as a calorie deficit. This is difficult for your body. You basically need to eat less food than your body is comfortable eating.  There are so many people saying that it’s easy to diet, but that’s a lie! I don’t like that certain people make the people following them feel bad about themselves. They probably think why is he’she finding dieting so easy?

It’s definitely not easy, but we get through it. It is a simple concept losing weight and body fat, but it is hard to execute. You must move more and eat less. It’s the doing it that sucks, but we do it. It’s not effortless for anybody on earth.

Do you do your meal prep or does your girlfriend do it for you?

I do all my own meals, but sometimes we may help each other out. She gives me a lot of ideas because as a women she has to eat a lot less calories and this means she has to be more creative by finding food that doesn’t taste terrible, but still fills you up. Me I’m like a robot, I know how to diet, but I don’t know how to cook. I’m quite happy to sit and eat my chicken and rice, my boring food. For me it’s all about function, not about taste. She knows how to combine both though, so I steal a lot of food ideas from her.

If you had to choose to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Sushi, end of the story. Delicious food, protein, carbs, fats. That’s a no brainer!

Do you drink alcohol sometimes?

I do drink alcohol, but it’s pretty rare. I would love to say that is purely for efficiency and fitness reasons, but honestly now I’m in my mid twenty’s my hangovers are terrible. The fact that the entire next day you feel terrible means you’re not going to get any work done or be able to workout in the gym, meaning you waste the entire day and I don’t like that. I drink maybe 3-4 times a year, but when I do drink I get hammered.

vitruvian physique bicep curl



What is your favorite muscle group to train?

My favorite muscle group to train is chest; the reason being that I find that my chest is my weak spot, so I like to target it. My chest genetically is a little bit weaker than my back. I want to work on my weak points! I feel by working on my chest I’m fixing my weak point and trying to get it as strong as I can.

Do you do any particular sport on the side like surf etc?

I tried surfing one, it is so much harder than it looks! So difficult, I was maybe able to stay on the board for maybe 2 seconds before I fell off. It’s something challenging and I hope to get better at it.



What are your pre workout supplements/tips?

Before my workout the first thing I prioritize is hydration because you will be dehydrated after a night sleeping. I recommend drinking 1/2 to 1 gallon of water 30 minute before you workout.

I also take something to eat before my workout, good carbs (oatmeal or fruits) and then like 30 minutes my training I take a scoop of MYPRE.


What’s your favorite motivational quote?

To anyone who’s ever doubted you, anyone that ever talked crap about you, about your dreams, tell them that they can give up on you giving up!

What’s your objective right now?

I want to grow my company and change where it’s going for the better. I want to change the way that I do business. I want a broader outreach, to expand to more people from the bodybuilder to the person who just wants to lose a bit of fat. I need to focus on a new demographic, but also beginners interested in learning the basics before they start to learn about the advanced topics.

I would love to do something like P90X because It penetrates a market of regular people not just a small demographic of fitness youtubers!

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