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TikTok Workout Trends for 2023

TikTok Workout Trends for 2023
Jamie Haleva
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We're already halfway through 2023, and the workout trends did not disappoint. Gym-goers and TikTokers have been getting creative this year to get their daily exercise in and make working out more fun. Let's see what they're doing and how you can take part.

1. I Start Where She/He Stops

The "I start where she/he stops" workout trend involves two people, making it a great one to try with your gym buddy, trainer, or friend. With this trend, you or your partner begin working out, one person at a time. Let's say your partner starts first. They will continue until failure with each set and movement, and you will take over from where they left off. So, for example, if you're lifting free weights and your partner stops at 30 pounds, and can't lift anymore, you have to start lifting at 30 pounds and see how far you can go.

This trend is great for those who enjoy going to the gym together but are at different skill levels. It creates a fun way for two people to work out together, even if they are at very different places physically. And even if you choose a partner who is at your same skill level, the challenge adds some fun and humor to your workout. The trend has picked up traction on TikTok, with the hashtag #hestartswhereifail holding 5.3 million views. The challenge also provides a creative way for men and women to work out together, who can often be hitting different personal bests at the gym.

2. 75 Hard & 75 Soft

The 75 Hard and 75 Soft challenges are long-term commitments that span over 75 days. The 75 Hard Challenge is not new, as it was created in 2019 by CEO and entrepreneur Andy Frisella. However, the challenge has gotten lots of attention this year through social media. 75 Hard involves accomplishing a number of fitness and wellness tasks every day for 75 days straight. The tasks are:

  1. Following a nutrition plan or diet. You can choose the diet for yourself, but once you create a plan, you must stick to it. The only other condition is that alcohol is not allowed.
  2. Do two 45-minute workouts a day. The only condition here is that one workout has to be an outdoor workout.
  3. Take a progress picture every day.
  4. Drink one gallon of water a day.
  5. Read 10 pages of any book a day.

The challenge focuses on consistency and dedication to your program. If you miss any of your goals for even one day, you are forced to reset your challenge and start from zero. The 75 Hard Challenge presents a physically and mentally demanding 75 days. But it is a great way to kickstart a change in lifestyle, create healthy habits, and push yourself past your limits. The hashtag #75hard currently has 1.7 billion views on TikTok.

Now, if the 75 Hard Challenge is too demanding for you, don't worry. You can try 75 Soft. The 75 Soft Challenge, created by TikToker Stephen Gallagher, is essentially an easier version of 75 Hard. Its rules also include following a set of goals for 75 days straight:

  1. Eat healthily and only drink alcohol on special occasions.
  2. Complete one 45-minute workout a day and one day of active recovery per week.
  3. Drink three liters of water each day.
  4. Read 10 pages of any book each day.

75 Soft is a useful way for more people to take part in this health/fitness challenge without feeling too overwhelmed. If you feel like 75 Hard is too much for you, start with 75 Soft and work your way up from there. With the hashtag #75soft accumulating 147.7 million views on TikTok, this version of the challenge is quite popular as well.

3. Primal Movement Workouts

A final TikTok fitness trend that has caught people's attention this year is primal movement workouts. This trend involves incorporating primal movements into your workout routine. Primal movements are those that are instinctual to human beings and mimic the way we naturally move. The movements take after the way our ancestors once moved when performing daily tasks and trying to survive. There are seven major types of primal movement patterns:

  1. Squatting
  2. Bending
  3. Lunging
  4. Pushing
  5. Pulling
  6. Rotating
  7. Locomotion or gait

Some examples of primal movement exercises you can try are push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, and Russian twists. Primal movements will help improve your mobility, strength, and joint health. Plus, they're a lot of fun to do, and TikTok agrees, with the hashtag #primalmovement amassing 47.9 million views on the social platform.

Take Home Message

2023 is a new year, and that means new TikTok workout trends to try. Whether you want to take on a long-term challenge like 75 Hard or go back to your human roots with primal movements, you can't go wrong with any of these workout trends. Try them with a friend and make working out more exciting and fun than ever.

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