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Top 5 Most Luxurious Hotel Gyms

Its 4am. The airport is 2 ½ hours away and your flight is boarding at 7am. You hit the road and dodge traffic like an NFL running-back.

Arrived. Need a breakfast sandwich. Worried about the authenticity of airport sausage, you opt for the bacon, egg, and cheese. Time to board. You get to your seat only to realize that you’ve been placed between two rather large gentlemen.

At 35,000 feet, the man sitting in the window seat needs to get up for a bathroom break. He had the sausage. While he awkwardly squeezes by, spilling ice water on your lap, you realize the tone for the ride has just been set.

You land in a different time zone. It’s late evening but you’re wide awake. Settling at the hotel, you’re too antsy to try to sleep. Time to hit the gym to relieve the day’s stress only to realize that the hotel’s gym is poorly lit, smells bad, and lacks your desired equipment.

But what if your hotel’s gym could make your entire trip worthwhile.

What if the views from the treadmill were so good that your motivation and sense of fulfillment were at full capacity. While gyms like these may be indicative of serious success, these are the destinations we strive to reach. And with hard work, they are attainable.

Here are the world’s most luxurious hotel gyms.

1. Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

Situated out front the Victoria Harbor, the Kerry Hotel overlooks one of the most picturesque skylines in the world. Since its opening in April 2017, visitors have flocked to this hotel for it’s incredible views of rolling mountains behind the pristine architecture of Hong Kong.

Who wouldn’t want to be crushing a cardio workout on one of these cycles while taking in this view?

2. The Siam Hotel, Bangkok

Walking distance from the Chao Phraya River, The Siam Hotel in Bangkok is known for its Zen garden aesthetic in the middle of downtown Bangkok. Relaxing and taking in the good vibes, visitors have the choice of rooftop yoga, guided meditation, as well as Tai Chi.

For those feeling a little more aggressive, there’s a boxing ring and fully-stocked gym. As part of a boxing program they offer, you can even visit and take classes at a local Muay Thai ring.

3. Turtle Bay, Oahu

Watch high-performance surfing from some of the world’s best surfers at the Turtle Bay resort’s gym in Oahu, Hawaii.

The panoramic views from the gym allow visitors to see one of the most beautiful stretches of landscape on the North Shore while working out on top of the line fitness machines. Gym goers also have the option of choosing from an assortment of free weights like kettle bells and medicine balls.

Don’t let the beauty fool you. The north shore is home to some of the most aggressive and unforgiving waves in world. If you’re not experienced, stick to working out on land.

The hotel’s fitness program also offers Hula classes and surf lessons for all ages. Mahalo.

4. Castiglion del Bosco, Tuscany

Work off a stomach full of wine and bread at the Castiglion del Bosco Hotel in Italy. Remotely located on the Val d’Orcia hillside, the views from this gym overlook some of the most beautiful countryside and vineyards that Italy has to offer.

The state-of-the-art gym set up features a futuristic Kinesis system by Technogym and 360 degree view of the outside surroundings, which overlook an 18-hole golf course.

Too nice out to exercise inside? Head outdoors to train on a cross-country trail guided by a professional endurance athlete

5. Matakauri Lodge, New Zealand

Take that view in for a moment. There’s a sight that’s truly remarkable. In fact, this mountain range in New Zealand is actually know as “The Remarkables”.

Picture waking up early in the morning and stepping into this scene. After finishing your routine, you feel more than accomplished. Reveling in your glory, you step out into the courtyard to take it all in. You made it.

Take Home Message

Destinations like these may seem too far out of reach. They may seem like a fantasy. But with enough dedication and grit, there’s no reason why you can’t live a life of luxury, no reason why you can’t travel to far out places, and there’s no reason why you can’t chase your ambition.

So stop talking and start performing. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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