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Watch: Myprotein Presents ‘Cheat Meals’ | A New YouTube Series Following Our Ambassadors’ Biggest Cheat Days

We take our nutrition seriously, eliminating unhealthy foods wherever we can and abiding by standards for healthy eating. But when it comes to cheat days — we go big.

Introducing ‘Cheat Meals’, an all new series profiling some of our ambassadors’ most indulgent cheat day meals.

In Season 1, we got together with Igor Opeshansky, Austin Dunham, and Terron Beckham — and they did not disappoint.

From MacDonald’s breakfast, to In-N-Out burgers for lunch, a few beers, and some late night Dominos, these guys pushed their calorie count to the max.

Watch Episode 1 & 2 below and stay tuned for Episode 3 airing on Myprotein this Sunday.

Hungry yet? Igor pushed the limit of his cheat day with an epic 6,000 calories consumed which was well deserved after scaling that mountainside.

Interested in Igor’s favorite Myprotein supplements? Check these out below.

Austin went huge on his cheat day, packing in more than 6,000 calories into his day filled with In-N-Out, Ben & Jerry’s, and Dominos meals. With a day like that, it’s hard to believe he can still crank out callisthenic circuits like these.

Here are some of Austin’s go-to’s when it comes to supplemental nutrition.

Watch ‘Cheat Meals’ Ep. 3 Sunday August 29th here.

Check our more from our ambassadors below.

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Ian Roden

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