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What is Histidine?

What is Histidine?

Histidine, also known by its full name as L-Histidine, is one of the 23 proteinogenic amino acids. A proteinogenic amino acid is a protein creating amino acid with a weak basic pH level. Histidine is essential for humans and is used in our body for proteins to change the polypeptide bonds in an enzyme. Our body only requires a few of these amino acids, meaning they are scarce within the human body. Histidine is not created by our body, so it must be consumed through our diet.

Benefits of Histidine

There are a number of benefits to supplementing with L-Histidine:

? Immune System

Histidine helps with regulation of our bodies immune defense to prevent outside viruses/illness from entering our body. It’s also responsible for aiding in the defense against allergic reactions and inflammatory processes. If someone is lacking Histidine, it’s possible to see an increase in allergic reactions. Its recommended that if you are someone who has severe allergies to consume an adequate amount of Histidine via food sources, such as: chicken breasts, soy beans and beef products. Each of these sources contains around 700 mg of histidine or more per 100 g of food. You can also find high levels of histidine within Salmon and wheat products, along with many other foods.

? Metabolic Reactions

Histidine is responsible for many metabolic reactions within the body and helps ensure that proper levels of oxygen are supplied to all of our organs and tissues. In regards to our overall blood health, Histidine has been shown to help with the regulation of a safe and healthy blood pH level which supports not only blood flow throughout the body, but also with the healing and repair of wounds/injuries and the regeneration of lost cells. A lack of histidine would result in a slower regeneration growth of lost tissue if you have had any accidents.

? Blood Pressure

L-Histidine has also been proven to lower overall blood pressure as it helps to relax our blood vessels to decrease the risk or activity of hypertension among people who supplement with Histidine. It’s also a recommended supplement by many care physicians to anyone who might have a possible risk of cardiovascular disease or health issues regarding the cardiovascular system since it has been proven to decrease such issues in this area. If you are someone who is sick with a cold or has undergone a surgery of any type, L-histidine can be very helpful in regenerating new and healthy blood cells to speed up the healing process.

? Stress Levels

If you are someone who has issues regarding high levels of stress or frequent injuries, the recommended amount of Histidine you should be consuming increases due to the body requiring and using up more histidine for healing injuries or coping with stress.

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RDI of Histidine

The recommended daily intake (RDI) of histidine is around 18 milligrams per day per each gram of protein you consume. So if you consume 100 g of protein per day on average, the recommended amount of Histidine to be consuming through food and supplementation would be around 1800 mg. Although most people will be consuming an adequate amount of Histidine on a regular basis through diet alone, the primary reason for supplementation is for people who do not eat much or any meat products at all, for example vegans and vegetarians would be the most likely to benefit from supplementation of histidine into their diet.

However, if you are someone who consumes meat, fish, poultry and eggs on a daily basis, its more than likely that you are already consuming more than enough of all of the essential amino acids that the body needs on a daily basis, so supplementation of amino acids would not be necessary for your health. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan and prefer to consume food products for your nutrients, soybeans have been shown to provide the body with similar levels of amino acids as when compared to most meat products and eggs. It’s important to make sure you do obtain a healthy amount of amino acids since our brain relies on amino acids to function and to be able to send signals to the entire body.

Why Not Try: L-Histidine

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Take Home Message

If you are someone who consumes meat on a regular basis you will not really need to supplement with Histidine. However, if you do not consume meat products and might be a vegan or vegetarian, although it’s possible and likely you can already be consuming high enough levels of histidine through your foods, supplementation with histidine is going to be more beneficial towards your overall body health and function when compared to others who are not vegan or vegetarian.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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