Best L-Glutamine Powder

L-Glutamine Powder

L-glutamine is a supplement often taken to improve gastrointestinal health, as it helps to heal and maintain the gut lining. Recent studies also suggest that it can reduce sugar cravings, as glutamine can be efficiently converted to glucose in the body. Taking a teaspoon and a half of our 100% L Glutamine Powder with water or juice is enough to replenish your nutrient levels after a tough workout.

Best L-Carnitine Tablets

L-Carnitine Tablets

Although l-carnitine is commonly associated with muscle-building and fat loss, it has also been linked to anti-ageing. In the body, l-carnitine functions to transport long-chain fatty acids within the mitochondria, which can then be oxidized to produce energy. This helps to reduce fatigue and can also act as an appetite suppressant. Our L-Carnitine Tablets are perfect for when you’re on-the-go and need to boost your alertness, particularly before a training session.

Taking between 500-2000mg per day of Carnitine has been proven to be most beneficial for the body. It is best to take Carnitine in the morning and prior to a workout to improve focus.

Best Amino Acid Supplement for Energy


MyAmino Boost is an ideal supplement for pre workout stimulation, providing all the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are needed for an awesome workout. With 300mg of caffeine and 10g of BCAAs per 2 scoop servings, you’ll definitely get the most out of your session.

Best Beta Alanine Supplement

Beta Alanine Powder

If you’ve ever tried a beta alanine supplement, you’ll know about it. Once ingested, beta alanine increases carnosine levels, which subsequently prolongs the amount of work you can do at a high intensity (and can cause that peculiar tingling sensation). To be exact, it pushes your performance within 60-240 seconds of your body being under tension, resulting in more reps and greater gains. Taking 3-5g of our Beta Alanine Powder before a workout will give you all the stimulation you need for your workout, particularly when mixed with another amino acid drink.

Best Amino Acid Supplement for Weight Loss

Acetyl L-Carnitine

As l-carnitine improves the body’s ability to oxidize fatty acids, it’s often described as a fat burner. Acetyl l-carnitine is the acetyl ester of l-carnitine, which transports nutrients into the mitochondria where the oxidation process takes place. Taking between 1 and 4 scoops (500mg per scoop) of powder with a drink of your choice prior to a workout will improve both your mental focus and fat burning potential.

Best Leucine Supplement

L-Leucine tablets

L-leucine is often referred to as the main amino acid when discussing BCAAs. It helps to preserve lean muscle mass and maintain glycogen levels, as well as improving alertness. Our L-Leucine Tablets are more convenient than the traditional powder form, with each dose containing 2000mg of leucine. Leucine can be supplemented in either a fasted state or in between meals where protein intake hasn't been significantly high.

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