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The key to any bodybuilding routine is providing your muscles with enough energy to complete your training programme; this often requires working a muscle to failure or fatigue. As with any sport, carbohydrates are one of the main sources of fuel for exercise and will help maintain muscle glycogen concentrations. When concentrations are low performance will be negatively affected.Instant Oats are a great source of Low GI carbohydrates which will provide a sustained supply of energy.

During intense exercise the body can often use protein from the muscle for energy, so consuming a high-protein supplement such as Impact Protein Blend can spare valuable muscle tissue and encourage growth rather than damage. Our MYPRE and MYAMINO BOOST are a combination of energy-producing carbohydrates, focus-enhancing amino acids and performance-boosting creatine. The formulas will increase your energy and help you perform a greater volume of work in the gym.

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Once a healthy and effective regime is in place to power workouts and aid recovery, it is a good idea to find out how nutritional supplements can actually improve performance and help you gain muscle size quicker.

We have a range of performance boosting supplements such as Taurine , Citrulline Malate,Creatine Monohydrate.

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The post-training period when muscle glycogen stores must be fully replenished is hugely important. For maximum results, make sure you also consume a sufficient amount protein to avoid muscle breakdown and promote muscle growth. Our post-workout formula, Total Oats And Whey, is also packed with quality carbohydrates and protein, providing the perfect combination to ensure the recovery process is efficient and complete.


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