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Protein is a compound essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass, therefore considered the most important staple in a diet with these specific goals. Our convenient, quick and tasty range of protein offers everything from Impact Whey Protein powder containing 82% protein content to our Hurricane Extreme meal replacement containing 38g protein per meal and suitable for post-workout

Myprotein’s Peanut butter also delivers 8g protein per serving, in addition to essential healthy fats.


Building lean muscle wouldn't be possible without hard work and motivation supported by sufficient energy sources. MYPRE, our new pre-workout will give you the boost of energy needed to power through workouts. MYPRE contains vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for hydration, 3g Beta Alanine per 2 scoop serving and delays onset muscle fatigue. The incredible workout essential includes Creatine for increased strength, NitricOxide for muscular energy and extra BCAA for recovery! Concentrated Creatine Monohydrate is also an extremely effective supplement for increased strength and power. 

TIP: Try our Liquid chalk for extra grip of heavier weights during those chin ups, pull ups or dead-lifts for maximum results!


Training at the gym won’t automatically bless you with incredibly lean muscle mass – you need to allow your body to recover in order to grow and excel, in which Amino Acids are key. Myprotein provides convenient BCAA’s and IBCAA’s (instantised BCAA) that support recovery. In addition, our all-in-one Recovery XS with 24g, Creapure, vitamin C and an added electrolyte blend will do the trick!

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