01 Muscle & Strength

Our range of Muscle and Strength products are specifically produced to support your goals of achieving hard-earned lean muscle mass, increase training power and repair muscles quicker for enhanced strength. Each supplement is individually created with our top quality protein, all-in-one combos and convenient sources of amino acids for maximum results.

Suitable for:

  • Bodybuilders/power lifters aiming to intensify training for enhanced strength gains
  • Anyone looking to add more protein in to their diet, with added muscle repair benefits of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)
  • Individuals who want quicker, improved to perform exercises with maximum strength
  • Anyone searching for a combination of high quality supplements to support fitness goals

The Range

You can get everything from our new energy-pumping pre-workout, to all-in-one powders, all-in-one powders growth-promoting capsule supplements and great all-in-one powders to enjoy alone or added to meals

Recommended Muscle & Strength Products

02 Health & Wellbeing

The Myprotein health and well-being range has been catered specifically for those wanting to boost their immune system, maintain healthy joints and recover the body from everyday stresses. Our products have been created with essential vitamins and minerals to support your health and keep you in great form all year round. In addition to our vitamin range we have now stock fruit and vegetable packed Superfood XS and a dairy-free Vegan blend protein powder with essential amino acids.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone looking to improve a poor immune system
  • Those who want to boost energy levels in both everyday life and during exercise
  • Beginner, intermediate or advanced athletes aiming to prevent injury
  • Anyone wanting to support a healthy brain function and/or joint health
  • The Range

    The Myprotein health and wellbeing range will contribute to the support your body with vitamins a variety of omega oil capsules and low-sugar breakfast options.

Recommended Health & Wellbeing Products

03 Energy & Endurance

Our Energy and Endurance range provides the ultimate building blocks for focused energy levels catered for those participating in endurance training. Myprotein has created products alongside the needs of passionate runners, cyclists or athletes who want to maximise their potential. Our range reaches out to support your goals, from our explosive pre-workout products to our efficient nutrient-packed powders for pre, during and post training.

Suitable for:

  • Athletes of any sport wanting to enhance speed and performance
  • Those who want to rely on convenient sources of quick energy boosts
  • Anyone wanting to recover their muscles after high-impact training
  • A beginner, intermediate or advanced participant of fitness challenges e.g. marathons, trail running etc.

The Range

Our varied product range can provide you with explosive pre-workout, powders and capsule supplements to benefit your endurance goals.

Recommended Energy & Endurance Products

04 Sports Performance

Myprotein wants to help you exceed your limits with our high impact Sports Performance range. A variety of supplements has been catered specifically for those with ambitious fitness goals. From gym-goers to marathon runners and professional athletes, we can provide your body with the right nutrients to reach your potential. Try an on-the-go breakfast shake with Instant Oats or a scoop of Maltodextrin for a much-needed energy boost on the way to training.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone looking to improve stamina during high impact sports performance
  • Anyone who takes part in competitive sports and needs an added push.
  • Any level athlete who needs an energy boost for their performance
  • Those who want convenient protein-packed energy snacks

The Range

Get everything from bars, all-in-one powders, capsules and weight training accessories to support your sports performance goals.

Recommended Sports Performance Products

05 Diet & Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a gruelling and boring process and particularly difficult to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Myprotein diet and weight loss range dismisses the idea of fad diets and offers convenient and effective products designed to achieve diet goals when paired with an active lifestyle. Whether you want to reduce body fat, build lean muscle or rev your metabolism, you can enjoy low-carb breakfast breakfasts with Instant oats or low-carb double chocolate snacks with Impact diet whey.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone struggling to find healthy, great tasting snacks or meal replacements
  • Those wanting an energy boost to kick start a great calorie-burning workout
  • Athletes or bodybuilders needing effective supplements to reduce weight healthily
  • Anyone looking for a safe and maintainable alternative to fad diets

The Range

Get your hands on great-tasting powders to experiment with meals, low-sugar breakfast ingredients and muscle-repairing bed time snacks to keep you full throughout the night.

Recommended Diet & Weight Loss Products

06 Lean Muscle

Our Myprotein Lean Muscle range has been created to support anyone wanting to gain lean muscle mass without the dread of piling on pounds of fat. The extent of our range aims to provide you with essential nutrients to reach goals of increasing power and strength, speed up muscle recovery and support the growth of hard-earned lean muscle mass. The variation of products ranging from Myprotein’s Pre-workout for that all-needed energy kick, to Liquid chalk to support better form and Peanut butter for healthy fats, you’ll find the tools needed to support your goals.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone wanting to gain lean muscle mass and minimal body fat
  • Athletes/Bodybuilders may benefit with a decrease in body fat when approaching competitions
  • Anyone who aims to gain strength through training without putting on a lot of size in bulking phases
  • Those with fitness goals of wanting to appear and be additionally leaner

The Range

The Lean Muscle range provides you with muscle-recovering supplements, energy-boosting pre-workout and powders to help increase power and strength to achieve lean muscle mass.

Recommended Lean Muscle Products