The History of Mr Olympia

Winners, Losers, Records, Stats, Facts & More.

The History of Mr Olympia
  • First time winners - aside from the very first winner, Larry ‘The Legend’ Scott, no other winner has won the competition at the first time of asking.

  • Times tried before winning - the title is jointly held by Franco Colombu and Frank Zane at 5. If your name is Frank, expect a 5 year wait!

  • Bravery award - Frank Zane came 3rd in 1980 after a near fatal-injury and lengthy hospitalisation.

  • Winning Streak - with current champion Phil Heath, America are on an 18 year winning streak.

  • Arnie will be back - after his early retirement, Arnie came back to regain his title in 1980 after getting himself in tip-top condition during the filming of Conan.

  • Country domination - In 51 years of competition one country reigns supreme. In terms of winners it is: America 32 vs 19 Rest of the World.

  • The Big Ron - it’s not only Ronnie Coleman’s thighs which are enormous. He also holds the record for heaviest winner (296lb), biggest arms (24”), biggest waist (36”) and biggest calves (22”).

  • One Title Club - 3 men have won the competition on just one occasion: Chris Dickerson (1982), Samir Bannout (1983) and Dexter Jackson (2008).

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