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Meal Replacement Shakes

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Meal replacement shakes are the best way for people who live a hectic lifestyle to get their protein on-the-go. Each and every meal replacement formula provides an excellent alternative to unhealthy snacks in one convenient and delicious shake.

What is a meal replacement?

Meal replacements are supplements designed to replace a meal. They provide a complete supply of vitamins and minerals, with a precise ratio of macronutrients and calories. Bodybuilders often use meal replacements as a way to save time on those heavy training days as well as to attend their nutritional needs.

Meal replacements benefits

Meal replacements provide several benefits for all athletes and weekend warriors looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

- They can be used to fuel the body before workouts and delay muscle fatigue.

- They can be low calorie alternative to meals.

- They're made up with a balanced ratio of macronutrients and provide a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. They're also packed with high protein content and a moderate amount of both complex and simple carbohydrates, which are essential to provide energy to the body.

- They are generally more economical options compared to eating out or buying unhealthy frozen pre-cooked foods.

- They are very convenient for busy people with tight schedules.

- They are available in a full range of delicious flavors.

  • Vegetarian
  • 27 grams of premium quality whey protein
  • 20g of slow release carbohydrates
  • Deliciously satisfying range of flavours
Save up to: $7.00
  • Vegetarian
  • Over 30g of protein per serving
  • New and improved flavor!
  • Low fat content
Save up to: $13.00
  • Low calorie and nutrient dense formula
  • Designed specifically for active women with fortified vitamins and minerals
  • High in protein and low in fat and sugar 
Save up to: $8.00
  • A staggering 378 calories per serving
  • 29g of protein to support the development of muscle mass
  • Sustained energy release
Save up to: $13.00

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