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We’re here to support your weight loss journey with our great range of cutting-edge supplements. Check out our selection of shakes, pills, and tablets to kick-start your new fitness routine.

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What are Weight Loss Supplements?

Weight loss supplements are designed to support your gym goals by powering training or by helping to curb cravings to keep your diet on track. To further help you achieve your goals, why not check out our range of delicious weight-loss shakes?

Impact Diet Whey is our super-popular whey protein formula featuring our best diet nutritionals:

• Ideal for anyone following a calorie-restricted diet

• Boasts 39g of protein*

• Contains green tea extract, choline, and CLA powder

• Available in a range of delicious flavors


How do I lose weight?

Weight loss is straightforward; simply achieve a calorie deficit. The art of weight loss is not in achieving a calorie deficit though, it's the magnitude of that deficit, knowing when to take breaks with dieting, keeping your food choices flexible and non-restrictive as well as planning for life post-weight loss.

What does calorie deficit mean?

A calorie deficit is simply when the amount of energy you're taking in from food is less than the amount of energy you are burning.

How do I achieve a calorie deficit?

You can either decrease your food intake or increase the amount of exercise you are doing (or a mix of the two) to achieve a calorie deficit.

Can weight loss supplements help to achieve my fat loss goal?

It depends on how they're used. Some will help you consume fewer calories, others will help you burn more calories or body fat. However, if you're still eating at a calorie maintenance or surplus, then you simply won't lose weight; supplements may just make it easier to get to the deficit you're seeking.

How do I calculate my macros for weight loss?

We have developed our own easy to use macro calculator. We'd advise you read the article and try out the calculator! 

Can weightlifting make me lose weight?

It can help in a number of ways! Not only will you be burning calories during the session itself but research shows resistance training can keep the metabolism elevated for several days after! It'll also help you retain more lean muscle, which is a more energy-demanding tissue, meaning that your metabolic rate will be protected throughout your weight loss process.

What's the best way to lose weight?

The best way to lose weight is to first and foremost achieve a calorie deficit. After that, you need to think about keeping your protein high and maintaining your exercise levels (to retain as much lean muscle mass as you can), eating nutritionally dense foods most of the time but not restricting yourself from tasty options like chocolate too, as well as getting adequate sleep and managing your stress.

How do I lose fat and not muscle?

The two main aspects for you to focus on here are; a higher protein diet (1.6g per kg of bodyweight) and an adequate resistance training program. After that, it'll be focusing on your sleep, stress management and even looking at some supplements (such as creatine, which can aid performance and improve body composition).