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Check out our best weight gain supplements. Whether you’re trying to increase strength and size, or struggling to gain weight, the most important thing is creating a calorie surplus — taking on more calories than you burn.

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How to Bulk Up

There are many different approaches when it comes to increasing size, but one of the most important steps is to create a calorie surplus — which means taking on more calories than you burn. We know this can be tricky when you lead an active lifestyle, so having one of our mass gainer supplements on hand makes it easier to get the fuel you need, wherever you are.


How do I gain weight?

Weight gain is simple, simply achieve a calorie surplus i.e. be taking in more energy than you're expending that day. You can do this by upping your food intake or decreasing your exercise (or a combo of the two). If it's muscle gain you're aiming for though, we'd advise a slight calorie surplus (around 5% of your maintenance amount) with a high protein diet and structured, progressive training programme!

What does calorie surplus mean?

A calorie surplus is simply when the amount of energy you're taking in from food exceeds the amount of energy you are burning.

How do I achieve a calorie surplus?

You can either increase your food intake or decrease the amount of exercise you are doing (or a mix of the two) to achieve a calorie surplus.

What is a "dirty" bulk?

A "dirty bulk" is a popular term for eating far beyond the surplus that would help you increase net muscle gain. This is a means of adding weight quickly (which may help you perform better or lift heavier) but is often achieved by consuming less nutritious foods and gaining a lot of unnecessary body fat.

What is a "clean" or "lean" bulk?

A "clean bulk" would be a more measured approach to weight gain, minimising any gains in body fat, focusing on nutritionally dense foods and looking to add weight slowly over an extended period of time.

How do I use a weight gainer?

Weight gainers (and any shake for that matter) can be viewed as just another meal; your body doesn't recognize it as "x" thing, it just uses what you give it! For a product like our weight gainers, considering them as an additional meal or replacing a meal (which would have had lower calories) will help you get the benefit you seek.

When should I take a weight gainer?

When is most practical to you based on your schedule. They can be quite "heavy" on the stomach (as it is a lot of nutrients in one meal) so taking them before exercise would be ill-advised as it could lead to a "stitch" or gut issues. Have them when best suits you and even split them into multiple servings if that's more practical.