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We’ve got a range of supplements to help support you on your fitness journey — whether you’re looking to bulk up, lose weight, or simply stay in great shape.

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What are Weight Management Supplements?

Our weight management supplements are shakes, foods, and tablets specifically created to help you achieve your desired body type — whether you wish to bulk up, slim down, or maintain your figure.

Our Weight Management Products

We have an incredible range of supplements designed to kick start your fitness regime. Shop our bespoke selection of weight gain products or our Impact diet range for the supplements best suited to your goals. Alternatively, check out some of our best-selling formulas right here.


How do I maintain my current weight?

By simply eating at your calorie maintenance. You can work out a rough estimate of that with an online calorie calculator. Scales will fluctuate day to day most likely, but as long as you're within a given range (which will depend on your body size to begin with) and maintaining that, then you can assume you're maintaining your current weight. If you're not keen on tracking, simply monitor your meal frequency and exercise amount whilst keeping an eye on the scale. Tinker with meals and exercise, and if your weight fluctuates beyond the maintenance range, adjust these habits until you're eating and training in a manner which supports weight maintenance.

What is a healthy diet?

That depends entirely on the person, but a healthy diet is one that supports you not only physically but mentally, allowing you to enjoy food, avoid restriction and progress towards your given physical goals. A diet with a structure built on calories, higher protein, increased fruits and veggies and allowing yourself a little something every day you enjoy is a great start!

How important is nutrition?

Incredibly important, regardless of your goal; it's how we fuel our body. If you want to know how important it is, go take all the fuel out of your car and try running it - you won't get very far!

How do I maintain muscle mass?

Some simple tips are to keep your protein high, don't overly restrict calories and maintain some level of resistance training!

How do I support my metabolism?

You support your metabolism by simply sticking to your healthy lifestyle. Ensure you're eating nutritionally dense foods most of the time, getting plenty of protein, exercising regularly and getting the right amount of sleep!

What is a healthy amount of body fat?

Generally speaking, a healthy range of body fat sits at; 6 - 25% for men and for women somewhere between 14 - 31%. However, how "healthy" your current body fat level depends on more than just a number.

How do I increase muscle mass?

Twofold: getting your training right and everything else outside of that too! A programme focused around progression and continuous challenge to stimulate growth is key. Second, a diet tailored towards increasing muscle mass (a minor to moderate calorie surplus and increased protein intake) plus getting adequate sleep, as well as managing your stress is key. Getting both sides of the coin right will help you push your physique to the next level!