Healthy Food & Snacks

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Whether you’re looking for a nutritious pre-workout boost, an indulgent afternoon pick-me-up, or post-workout refuel — we’ve got a range of healthier snacking solutions to help you reach your goals.

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What are Healthy Foods and Snacks?

Healthy foods and snacks are products that provide your body with macronutrients it needs to perform daily functions. Plus, they won’t slow down your progress in the gym as our snacks contain protein to support muscle growth and maintenance – perfect to maximize your muscle mass gains. They make a great alternative to shakes if you find them a hassle or just simply prefer something with bite.

What are the Benefits of Healthy Foods and Snacks?

Our convenient range of healthy foods and snacks are easier to take with you wherever you go – whether that’s carrying a protein bar in your gym bag for post-workout munchies, or boosting your drinks with our sugar-free flavorings. They also make a perfect pre or post-work snack to fuel your muscles and make every rep count. Coming in a huge selection of flavors, taste doesn’t have to be a compromise when switching from sugary snacks to healthier options.

Our Healthy Foods and Snacks

With over 100 foods, drinks, and snacks, we offer a huge selection, including protein bars, protein cookies, spreads, syrups and nuts. With products specially made for those with dietary requirements, there’s something for everyone regardless of diet. Our products can be added into your balanced diet to satisfy your sweet-tooth without derailing your hard work

For an indulgent treat that still offers protein, try our Layered Bar:

• A soft core with five delicious layers

• Only 4g of total sugar

• Perfect as a quick protein top-up

Or for a lighter treat, view our Protein Wafer Bar:

• Comes in 6 mouth-watering flavor

• A great snack on your coffee break or anytime of the day

• Ideal to satisfy those sweet-tooth cravings


Why is it important to eat healthy food?

Healthy foods help provide our body with all nutrients and minerals it needs to function at its best!

Are healthy snacks really healthy?

That depends entirely on the snack but also what you're comparing it to; we'd advise always reading the labels however and not buying into fancy logos that you may see on the packaging!

Are snacks healthy good for weight loss?

If those snacks help you achieve a calorie deficit then yes - either by contributing to improved hunger and eating less or replacing a higher calorie option in your diet.

What are the benefits of healthy snacks?

Healthy snacks can be a tasty, on the go option to help you get more of those health-promoting nutrients that'll help you not only from a physique standpoint, but overall improve your state of health.

Are healthy snacks vegetarian?

Not necessarily! Not all vegetarian or vegan food is "healthy" as well which is a common misconception. How healthy a food is all depends on the context in which it fits into your diet.

Are healthy snacks vegan?

Not necessarily! Not all vegan food is "healthy" as well which is a common misconception. How healthy a food is all depends on the context in which it fits into your diet.