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Complex carbohydrates are packed with nutrients and energy – so they’re essential for all athletes wanting to improve their performance. High in fiber and digested slowly, they’re also filling – making them a good option for weight control.

What are the benefits of complex carbohydrates?

As one of your body’s major sources of energy, carbs are essential for everyone’s diet. This is especially true of gym-goers, as your body relies on carbs as a fuel to power your workouts. Your body needs more sugar during hard-cardio exercises like running or interval training, so you should aim load-up on carbs before hitting the gym.

Keep your body firing on all cylinders and smashing your fitness targets by consuming the right carbs. Complex carbs are key to your body’s long-term health, as they’re full of good nutrients, high in fiber and digest slowly through the body. When it comes to exercise, complex carbs keep your energy levels stable – giving you the power to go further and lift heavier in your workouts.

The main sources of complex carbs include fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and wholegrains. The other type of carbs is simple carbs – the sugars in natural and refined foods. While simple carbs provide a short burst of energy, it won’t be sustained, and may cause you to feel fatigued.

Which complex carbohydrates are best for you?

Instant Oats are slow-release carb cereals that have many health-enhancing properties. They’re available on our site in both flavored and unflavored versions.

Oats are such effective complex carbs, many bodybuilders and athletes consume them every day. They’re a key source of low glycemic index carbs, making them a perfect pre-workout meal. Low glycemic index foods provide a slow release of energy (through glucose) into the bloodstream – keeping your blood sugar levels steady so you won’t be craving unhealthy snacks.

Instant Oats are also rich in soluble fiber, which keeps you feeling full for longer – helping with weight loss and control. They can also easily be mixed with yoghurts, breakfast cereals and protein shakes.

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