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What is Recovery XS

When trying to reach nutritional goals many individuals forget recovery is critical to success. Recovery XS is one of Myprotein’s cutting edge protein blend and an unrivalled all-in-one post workout supplement. This recovery focused formula contains Whey Protein Isolate, Waxy Maize Starch, 3g of Creapure, 5.5g of Leucine, 4.5g of BCAAs and also added electrolytes and vitamin C.

Benefits of Recovery XS

If you put 110% into your workouts, why would you not do the same outside of the gym? Fitness performance and general health are highly dependent on individual nutrition which means before and after every workout you need to ensure your body is provided with a maximum supply and availability of essential nutrients.

Through a combination of over 24g of whey protein and waxy maize starch, Recovery XS can provide the muscles with a fast acting protein for muscle repair, whilst also replenishing the muscles glycogen stores. *

Added essentials such as creapure, leucine and BCAA’s can enhance the muscle recovery process, allowing a stronger and increase performance.*

Recovery XS also comes in a variety of amazing flavors that can satisfy your hunger and sweet tooth in a perfect post workout shake.

Who is Recovery XS suitable for

Recovery XS is suitable for active individuals who are looking to build muscle, aid recovery, prevent muscle catabolism and take their training to the next level every session.

How to Take Recovery XS

Recovery XS is best to be taken with around 500ml of water or milk directly after exercise.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews - 5 reviews

Overall great. Need more flavors.

- (20 / Oct / 2014)


I bought this on sale and wasn't expecting much. First serving wasn't great. I put too much water in the bottle and couldn't mix it properly. My fault. Second serving and beyond I took special care to get it mixed all the way, and this made all the difference. I purchased strawberry and traditionally have not been a fan of strawberry proteins. This was actually not bad and has started to grow on me. Consistency: if you've ever had waxy maize before, just picture whey protein with a bit of grit. Overall, this recovery mix provides me with the exact blend of carbs and protein I need immediately post workout. The only thing I can really add is that I hope you release more flavors.

Goes Well With:

Blender bottle, cold water and ice.

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- (13 / Oct / 2014)


Good product, better price, labeling could be better. Would prefer if # of scoops per serving were on the label as opposed to serving size in grams. The less math the better. No time for percentages, no time for weighing protein scoops.

Goes Well With:


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- (01 / Oct / 2014)


Overall good product. I would purchase again.

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The best recovery formula around

- (01 / Aug / 2014)


Just bought this Recovery XS when it was on sale, already seeing the effects of this. My muscle recovered more quickly and i have less fatigue. other than that, it taste delicousssss

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After Soccer

- (22 / Oct / 2013)


After a long run or a game of soccer, recovery xs is great to help get some life back into my legs. And give me some energy to carry on with the rest of the day. I'll often take this immediately after a game and then follow up with a meal.

Goes Well With:

any hard exercise - not just a gym workout

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Recovery XS

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Recovery XS

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