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Milk Protein Smooth

Micellar Casein Protein

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What is Milk Protein Smooth:

If your looking to maximise your anabolic potential Milk protein Smooth is a product that can help you build muscles throughout all hours of the day. Milk Protein Smooth is different from regular whey protein, whereby it consists a carefully combined 4:1 ratio of casein protein to whey protein. This means Milk Protein Smooth can supply your muscles with a prolonged release of protein whenever your muscles need it! Each serving provides over 24g of protein with an extremely low fat and carbohydrate content.

Benefits of Milk Protein Smooth:

Milk Protein Smooth provides a unique 78% of casein protein, with a huge 24g of protein per 30g serving. Caesin protein reacts differently in the body compared to whey protein and is primarily known to be a slow digesting protein. This means casein protein can sustain appetite whilst providing the muscles with a steady source of protein, essential for the growth and prevention of muscle breakdown and anabolism*.

Milk protein is an easy mix formula, whereby it?s tapered protein release in the body has been shown to leave you feeling fuller for longer, providing a convenient source of long lasting, sustainable muscle protein.

Who is Milk Protein Smooth Suitable for:

Increased physical activity means the body has an increased nutritional demand. If these demands are not met, the body can begin to breakdown muscle in a hunt for resources, bringing fat loss to a progress preventing halt. Milk Protein Smooth is therefore ideal for anyone looking to enhance muscle catabolism whereby a slow digestion means your muscles are always guaranteed access to adequate nutrient supplies*.

How to take Milk Protein:

Milk protein can be taken throughout the day to increase protein intake, or ideally before bed to prevent muscle catabolism. Milk protein can be combined with water or milk to form a quick and easy protein shake.

*This statement has not been approved by the FDA.

Product Reviews - 1 reviews

Excellent before bed

- (27 / Aug / 2014)


Great tasting drink to have before bed to get your slow release protein in.

Goes Well With:

Water / Milk

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