So You’re A New Dad | How To Stay Healthy & Stick To Your Fitness Goals

So You’re A New Dad | How To Stay Healthy & Stick To Your Fitness Goals

So many fitness buffs on social media have only one thing to think about – themselves and their body. But what about those who have a family at home with kids? Whether you’re a brand new dad or a dad new to fitness, follow these tips and tricks to get your fitness plan on track and start seeing results.

Time Management

Being a new dad myself, I know that your free time you used to have is now going to be cut a little. Learning to prioritize your time is key to getting some serious fitness results. Understand that your wife probably has had just as long a day (or longer if she stays at home with baby) so for her to cater to your every need just isn’t going to happen.

Baby and family time comes first, so try to adopt things like lifting first thing in the morning. While baby and wife are still sleeping, you can have a meal and training already out of the way before you head to work. This frees up your evening to spend with your family and to help out at home. Also, things like packing your supplements and prepping your meals will do wonders. This ensures your fitness goals are being met and there’s no guessing on what you’re having for lunch and taking the pressure off your wife for making that meal for you as well.

Goal Setting

If you want to change your body, your goal has to be more of a vision than anyone else because it’s not your only responsibility. Keep a journal of what you want to accomplish throughout the day, week, month and even by the end of the year. Track your training every day and also write down what you’re putting in your body so you can look back and see your progress when fitness is not the number one priority in your life.


Buying supplements is not a must-have to build a great, lean and muscular body. You don’t need every supplement known to man, but getting some essentials will help in the long run to keep your fitness a lifestyle change and not just something your dabble in from time to time. Whey protein is a life saver. One of the most macro-friendly, quick, easy and cheap meals is mixing some whey with some oats. Eat as a shake or a flavored quick oatmeal- doesn’t get any easier than this.

Do It For You

We all want to build some bulging biceps and washboard abs to show off to our wife. They will see it for awhile then will be more worried about how you are contributing to the family as a person not just your muscles. Your fitness goals need to be “you oriented”. If you don’t want to change for you, it won’t stick. So strap up, dig deep and commit to a plan, change your nutrition and buy what supplements you can to help support your goals. Nothing replaces hard work so get your butt up and get in gear and give your family the best you possible.

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

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