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Workout Mash-Ups You Have To Try

Even the most enthusiastic gym goers can find themselves in a workout rut. But while variety is the spice of life, consistency is the key to continued progress. So how can you shake things up while keeping up momentum? Luckily, there are plenty of gyms, clubs and fitness instructors that have you covered.

In recent years, creative crossovers in fitness classes have skyrocketed. So next time your workout is feeling a bit “blah”, mash it up! Here are our favorites – recommended for fun AND results.

Spinning & Aqua Fitness

If turning up the resistance on dry land wasn’t enough for you, it’s time to get wet. AquaAllure and similar underwater spin classes can seriously burn body fat. Best of all, you won’t even feel yourself building a sweat and it’s easier on your joints.

If you like this, there’s also: Aqua Circuits classes and even Aqua Insanity (Swimsanity). If your gym doesn’t cater, try your favorite resistance or cardio exercises out in the pool.

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Yoga & Pilates

This mashup has been expanding for a number of years, with many studios and gyms offering Yogalates. This class allows you to continue to work on your flexibility as you would in a yoga class. However, the strength element of Pilates is added into the mix, ramping up your overall health benefits and toning.

If you like this, there’s also: Paddleboard yoga. Mostly available as a summer sport, this mash-up of paddle boarding and yoga sends your core workout to the next level. Plus, it gets you outdoors which can really shake up a tired gym routine.

For those intrigued by yoga but who crave a cardio fix most days, there’s HIIT Yoga. It combines 10 minutes of HIIT training with 10 minutes of yoga, repeated for an hour’s class.

Trampolining & Aerobics

Names for these classes include Trampoline Fit, Jump Fit and Bounce Cardio. Combining a cardio workout with the instability of a trampoline surface ramps up your calorie burning potential. You’ll also find you work your legs and core much harder as you retain your balance as you move.

If you like this, there’s also: Trampoline Combat classes. While the likelihood of you needed to defend yourself on a trampoline is low, the fat burning potential is high. Mix up martial arts with jumping on the trampoline surface and you have a serious calorie kicker.

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Ballet and Resistance Training

Commonly known as Barre, Ballet Sculpt or Body Barre workouts, these classes sculpt your body using Ballet principles and equipment. Practice your plié and work on your ballerina flexibility. Static stretches and cardio flows through key moves and stretches will work your muscles and improve your posture.

If you like this, there’s also: Barre Fit classes combine ballet and Pilates, as well as some athletic conditioning. Your core will get a major workout, and you won’t lose any progress if you’re building lean muscle.

If Ballet doesn’t seem tough enough, you can combine it with boxing. Boxerina classes improve your boxing agility while working you like Mike Tyson.

With so much workout innovation going on, there’s no excuse to get bored!

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

Writer and expert

Faye Reid has a Master of Science in Sport Physiology and Nutrition. She puts her passion into practice as goal attack for her netball team, and in competitive event riding. Find out more about Faye's experience here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faye-reid-8b619b122/.

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