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Women’s Upper Body Workout

Women’s Upper Body Workout

There are some women that hit the gym frequently, and have been for many years, who still avoid the weight room. Although you may be successfully losing a little weight due to the hours you’ve spent on the cardio equipment, you may still be able to get a better body through lifting weights. Lifting weights is not just for people who want to “get big”. Using a simple, yet effective, interval training program will not only boost your metabolism into overdrive and help you lose weight, but also build some lean, mean muscle while doing so. Follow this upper body workout to sculpt a chiseled back, lean shoulders and arms you’re not afraid to show off in tank.

Superset #1 – DB Bench Press/Rope Face Pulls

One of the best ways to maximize effort and intensity and minimize time spent in the gym is by performing supersets throughout your workout. The first one will be for the chest and upper back. By using antagonistic muscle groups, this recruits more blood flow to the area (what guys call the ‘pump’) but is also great for injury prevention. Keeping it simple with dumbbell presses will allow you to work your core for stabilization and also using the rope pulls to ensure the scapula is pulled back from all of the horizontal pressing. Here’s a mini workout routine for you to try:

? Set up on a flat bench with a set of dumbbells

? Start on your back and with the weight directly over the top of your chest area

? Retract the shoulder blades and lower the weight simultaneously

? Explode back up to the top and repeat

? For the rope pulls, place a hand on each end of the rope

? Use the back/scapula/rear delts to pull the weight right to your forehead

? Pause for a 1 second count and then slowly stretch the weight back into the pulley

Sets and Reps:

? Dumbbell Bench Press: 3 x 12-15

? Rope Pulls: 3 x 20

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Superset #2 – Pull-ups/DB Shoulder Press

For women, a big barn door back and super wide boulder shoulders is not something that all girls want to achieve. But sculpting these muscle groups in the correct way will help develop strength and stability within these fragile joints. Keeping your shoulders and back strong not only helps you in daily tasks at hand, but also with overall posture in your daily activities. Keeping your posture right is possible with a strong set of shoulders and a well built back:

? First start on the pull-up bar with your arms fully extended and body hanging

? Using your back muscles first, retract the scapula and pull yourself up to the bar, leading with the chest

? Squeeze at the top, then slowly lower yourself back down to the start position

? Superset this move by moving directly over to the dumbbell rack for the dumbbell shoulder press

? Using only 1 arm at a time, keep the torso tight and press the weight up and overhead from the front rack position

? Control the weight back down with the scapula and the front delt

Sets and Reps:

? Pull-ups: 3 x as many as possible

? DB Shoulder Press: 3 x 15

women's workout

Tri-Set Finisher – Push-Ups/Curls/Kickbacks

Now that the majority of the upper body has been hit, a compound movement that’s body weight only is the push-up. This not only helps create a strong, lean chest but it also allows you to build explosive power through the arms and shoulders. The biceps and triceps have been hit slightly by hitting chest and back, but throwing in some curls and kickbacks at the end with help develop a set of arms that are sleek, tight and toned:

? Start with the push-ups and begin in the upright plank position

? Retract the shoulder blades and lower your chest to the ground

? Pause for a 1-count and then explode back up to the top

? Move directly onto the barbell or dumbbell curls

? Keep the elbows tucked in close the body and curl the weight all the way up to the top and slowly return back to the bottom

? For the last movement, use a light set of dumbbells to work the triceps

? Keep the elbows tucked in close and at 90 degrees, then push the weight directly back behind you and squeeze the triceps

Sets and Reps:

? Push-Ups: 3 x 12-15

? Curls: 3 x 12-15

? Kickbacks: 3 x 12-15

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Take Home

Although lifting weights may not be something you’re used to as a woman, don’t let the weight room intimidate you or be satisfied with the sub-par results you get from the treadmill. Ditch the cardio room a couple days a week and hit the weights with some compound movements for both the upper and lower body parts. It really is a great way to see results.

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