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Winter Gym Clothes | For Men

Winter Gym Clothes | For Men

When it comes to training in the gym either with weights or performing any form of cardio during the winter, we all want to stay warm. No one enjoys having to exercise in the cold as this often affects are ability to perform to our potential and we end up working out at a lower intensity level compared to when we are warm.

When it is raining, snowing or simply just cold outside, we train at a lower intensity due to the fact that are body has to use a lot of energy to raise our body temperature and this affects our actual workout. Here’s a few clothing essentials for men during the winter months when you are training.

Essential Winter Gym Gear

Compression Gear

Although compression tops and compression pants are comprised of very thin and elastic material, you will be surprised at how much warmer, often times a few degrees, they can keep you during and after your workout. A simple top or leggings can make a huge difference. Depending on what you are performing/training can help decide what kind of compression gear you should wear. I recommend compression pants on any day you are training legs and are feeling cold. Since you are not using your upper body during a leg workout much, try wearing a sweatshirt during your workout if you feel really feel the cold. If you are training upper body, a compression t shirt or long sleeve compression top will help keep the upper body warm while still allowing you to maintain a proper range of motion during any and all exercises. Pair the compression top with a pair of sweatpants for extra warmth.

? Sweater Clothing

Any clothing made from sweater material, such as a sweatshirt, sweatpants or even sweat-shorts have the bonus of added warmth as they are made of extra cotton. These are just as comfortable as any other products, but are a little thicker to keep you feeling a bit warmer indoors and outdoors.

winter gym clothes

Myprotein Winter Gear

Here are some Myprotein products that I would recommend trying out this winter. My favorite products to keep me warm during my workout are:

Seamless ¼ Zip Top

This seamless tops does not restrict movement meaning you can wear it as you train to make sure you keep yourself warm. Training when cold can increase your risk of injury, so this top should be a must, especially if your gym isn’t one of the warmest!

Training Tights

These are a huge advantage for me on leg days in which I will be squatting and performing leg press when its cold and need a full range of motion. By pairing these leggings with some shorts, not only do I get added warmth, but I still maintain a great range of motion needed for leg press and squats.

Seamless Long Sleeve Top

No matter what you are training, upper body or lower body. Weights or cardio. This top is the perfect fit due to the fact that it is snug enough to not drag or catch on anything, but at the same time not being too tight to prevent movement. Whilst wearing this top I have the same range of motion in my upper body as I do when wearing a tank top, but with the added clothing material to keep me feeling warmer during my workout.


Running outside in the cold? Try keeping your head warm by wearing a hooded sweatshirt. The Myprotein hoodie prevents any wind and cold from touching your upper body to ensure that no matter where you run, indoors or outdoors. A warm hoodie is also essential for going to too and leaving the gym. Keeping your muscles warm after your workout is important for recovery.

winter gym clothes

Take Home

That’s it for my list of items to wear and try out this winter when it becomes too cold and the weather has an impact on your ability to workout. Try out different items and even pair a few together for added warmth and comfort as needed.

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