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Sometimes, all you need is a pair of sneakers, headphones and a little motivation to get a good workout. But it can be fun to try out cool new fitness tools and keep your duffel bag fully stocked with odds and ends you might need pre-, intra- or post-workout.

So, we’ve asked a handful of the Myprotein crew to give you an insight into their gym kit essentials, after all, they do have the privilege of trialing before buying. From staple performance pieces to our latest launches, our colleagues are here to share their favorites with you.

Calvin Kamalu

Calvin is our Customer Service Team Manager, and has been with us for the past six months. He plays a number of sports in his spare time, including golf – watch out Patrick Reed. From Birdies to Burpees, Calvin also hits the gym Monday-Saturday, with Sunday being his day of rest.

What’s in your duffel bag?

Packing my bag is a workout in itself – it’s jam-packed. Between mobility bands, a lacrosse ball, wrist straps and a gallon hydrator, there’s not a ton of room to spare. Gum is also top of the list, although it’s risky business, I like to keep my mouth relaxed when I’m lifting heavy weights – I’ve bit my tongue before and I’m not too keen on experiencing that again.

What would you never be without?

My wireless headphones. Without these, training is impossible, so much so that I’d even borrow some from lost & found. Who knew One Direction could be so mesmerizing?

Mckenzie Ashby

Mckenzie joined Myprotein as a Quality and Training Manager. She tries to workout at the gym 4 times a week but also loves to play volleyball when it’s hot and sunny. Then again, even if it’s not, Kristin will venture to the indoor gym to practise her Jump Serve. 

What’s in your duffel bag?

I always have my volleyball gear in my gym bag, along with a ball, a knee brace, pre-wrap, earbuds and BCAAs. I use the pre-wrap to strap my knee up before applying the knee brace – this stops any pinching or rubbing. If I’m playing indoors, I’ll carry my court shoes. If we’re playing outdoors I play barefoot.

What would you never be without?

I always carry electrolytes or BCAAs, I couldn’t train without them. Sometimes we play tournaments all-day in the sun, so having those electrolytes is super-important and a great top-up of energy.

Sam Gutierrez

Sam’s been our Chat Manager since April 2016. He trains around 5-6 times a week and picks up basketball as and when he can. His rest day is Sunday, unless he’s hustling for a rebound.

Wait, Sam is a man of many tricks – he’s also a fully qualified personal trainer. So if you’re looking to improve your outside J, your crossover or simply looking for suicide drill motivation – give him a holla!

What’s in your duffel bag?

My favorite and most frequent outfit is the Glide Training Shorts and the Original Stringer Vest, they’re super comfy and make me look great when I’m working out – calm down, Carly Simon.

I always have two or three Myprotein Food Klickboxes to carry my meals in (I eat a lot) – ooh and not to mention those midday snacks, I love the Protein Cookies.

What would you never be without?

My gym bag. It’s jam-packed with all the essentials. I couldn’t cope without it.

Kristin Gardiner

Kristin currently works in both our Customer Service and Social Media departments. She works out 6 days a week, usually at the gym, but she also loves to adventure outdoors when the weather is nice. During high school, Kristin was involved in dance and cheerleading but afterwards found her love for heavy lifting and long distance races (half marathons are her favorite).

What’s in your duffel bag?

My gym bag is mostly full of supplements. Daily, I take pre-workout, creatine, BCAAs and protein powder (a lot, I know!). I tend to keep it pretty simple with accessories – headphones, lifting gloves and workout charts are great too, if I remember them.

What would you never be without?

The one item I couldn’t live without is my workout chart. Without logging my lifts, weights and reps I can’t push myself further or reach my goals.

Logan Ingram

After exploring the many opportunities The Hut Group has to offer, Logan became Myprotein’s Head of B2B. He trains 5-6 days a week – 1-1.5 hours of weight training and approximately 30 minutes of cardio per week (he says). During high school, he was a very passionate paintballer and competed at the World Cup, but over the years, he’s drifted in and out of playing – watch out, guys!

What’s in your duffel bag?

It’s not a duffel bag, it’s a treasure chest. I lug my bag with me every day, it’s packed with wrist straps and chalk for those heavy lifting days, a Tru-Fit Zip-Up Hoodie (helps with the sweat gains) and my all-important accessory, the Slingshot. Don’t know what a Slingshot is? You haven’t lived.

Oh, I mustn’t forget my lifting belt – this is essential for back-day. I tend to do overload training on this day, I love training my posterior chain. Whether it’s 700lb+ rack pulls or 500lb+ deadlifts, I can’t be without.

What would you never be without?

My gallon jug and BCAAs – they’re a game-changer.

Feeling inspired by some of our super-active staff? Maybe it’s time to find your own clothing favorites – so that you can tackle your next workout with the confidence that you not only look the part, but can perform at your best.

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