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Weekend Warrior: Tyson Chandler

The term “Weekend Warrior” refers to someone who squeezes a week’s worth of workouts into the 2 days of the weekend. In 2019, time is one precious commodity and it’s hard to fit exercise into your daily routine during the work-week.

We’d rather you work out more than 2 days a week, but we understand how it is. So the weekend is your moment, your chance to get active. To help aid your weekend motivation, we are giving you one “Weekend Warrior” feature each Saturday.

Since we are based in NYC, we figured we’d start out this series with professional NBA player and former New York Knicks player, Tyson Chandler.

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Chandler had some of the best highlights of his career with the Knicks from 2011-2014, winning defensive player of the year in 2012. Although he’s been in the NBA for 17 years, making a superstar salary, his life hasn’t always been so glamorous.

His story starts out just south of Fresno, California where he was born. Living on a farm, his first introduction to basketball was when his grandfather nailed a basket used for holding peaches to a tree, his first hoop.

Milking cows, tending to animals, and growing corn with his grandfather would provide him with an unorthodox work-ethic from an early age.

After 9 years on the farm, Chandler moved to San Bernadino and eventually just outside Compton, a city known for excess gang violence and police brutality, especially in the 90’s when he was in high school.

Dominguez High, his new high school in LA offered a better basketball program that would give him a better chance of making it to the NBA.

In an interview with Saturday’s Surf NYC, Chandler mentioned that during these 4 years in high school, his parents were “pretty much homeless”.

After losing a residence, his parents and little brothers were forced to live in a friend’s three-bedroom home in a rough LA neighborhood while he stayed with a coach.

Since he was playing during a time when a high school players could go straight to the NBA from high school, Chandler decided to do everything within his power to get to the NBA.

Driven by the urge to get his family out of the rough economic situation they were in, Chandler dedicated his time in high school to basketball, never forgetting the work ethic instilled in him by his grandfather on the farm.

When it came time for the NBA to make a decision, Chandler was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, giving him the opportunity to get his family out of what he has described as a “war zone”.

His next hurdle would prove to be the hardest one yet. This being filling the shoes of a Chicago Bull you may have heard of, Michael Jordan.

Ultimately, various push and pull factors drove Tyson Chandler to achieve his goals. The economic situation he was forced to live in did not hinder his ambition or his focus, it only strengthened his will to save his family from a life of instability and stress.

With that said, as a weekend warrior, we’re sure you can get outside and exercise for an hour or two.


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