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Wearable Fitness Trackers | Are They For Everyone?

Wearable Fitness Trackers | Are They For Everyone?

Fitness trackers are all the rage in the fitness world right now with being able to track how many steps you’re taking in a day, how many miles you’re walking, how often you’re active, and the list goes on and on. But are these trackers as effective for everyone with the same fitness goal?

Let’s dive into their advantages, determine who these trackers are really for, and find out who can save some money and not worry about purchasing one.

Fitness Tracker Advantages

Fitness trackers not only track your steps and mileage throughout the day but it also serves as a personal accountability tool for those who maybe have a hard time with self-motivation. Setting a goal for yourself at the beginning of the day of walking so many miles or so many steps will give you a physical goal to look at throughout the day.

Also these trackers help you to push yourself that much harder during workouts as well. Keeping track of your heart rate or rest times of your workout the day before can help you push yourself and beat yesterday’s performance. These trackers are now becoming waterproof, you’re able to sync them with your phone and some even have a built in watch as well. Things like tracking your sleep are also other added bonuses in some of the fancier trackers.

For Those Who…

wearable fitness trackersThese trackers would be basically for anyone looking to get into shape on a pretty standard level. If you’re looking to shed some body fat by starting to walk, jog or run for your primary form of exercise a fitness tracker could be a great addition to your training in helping you calculate calories burned as well as how far you’ve run or walked. If you’re a serious runner, you can use the GPS function to track exactly where you’re running, where the lulls are in your daily run so you know where you typically plateau and how to bust through these and further advance your running.

If you’re just a complete workout newbie, some trackers come with preset workouts and goals for you to complete to get you on your way to hitting your goals that much quicker.

Not For Those Who…

These fitness trackers are not for everyone, however. If you’re more into cycling or spinning, a fitness tracker maybe is not the best fitness investment for you. Although it does have its advantages, these trackers usually work using an accelerometer so when it feels the movement when walking or running it knows to count that as movement. When riding a bike or even an elliptical in the gym, sometimes the trackers don’t pick up the movement in order for you to track your results.

The same concept applies to bodybuilding as well. When you’re doing a set of bench press or heavy rows, the tracker is not in use at all. It doesn’t know you’re lifting heavy weight with great form all because there is nothing causing it to strike anything or cause vibration. If you’re a bodybuilder or even a CrossFitter, save your money on these fitness trackers because for one they are at more risk of breaking when worn on your wrist since you’ll be holding dumbbells, barbells and pull-up bars. And for two, these trackers will not accurately depict how much effort you are putting forth in the gym and how many calories you’re actually burning.

Final Verdict

If you’re someone who is considering purchasing one of these trackers, keep in mind what you’ll be using it for primarily. If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, jogging and running then these trackers are great for logging your activity expended as well as keeping track of how much you’ve walked so you can beat yourself every day.

If you’re one that’s into more just biking or just lifting weights, I would say save your money and buy some new bike shoes or another couple bags of whey protein. These fitness trackers will give you an inaccurate depiction of how much work you’re putting forth so they’re inefficient for these types of activities.

Either way, make sure you’re logging what work you’re doing on a daily basis in order to push yourself even harder tomorrow. The only easy day was yesterday!

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

Writer and expert

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