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Sweat & Smooch | Valentine’s Day Couple’s Workout

Sweat & Smooch | Valentine’s Day Couple’s Workout

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means – boxes and boxes of chocolate as well as other candies, and of course that over-the-top dinner you’ll be having that evening followed by more dessert! Instead of just you and your significant other gorging yourself in all the finer things in one day, why not get a workout in together as well?

Follow this couple’s focused workout that will not only help you burn some calories but will also grow you and yours closer together. Perform the following exercises in a circuit fashion to help you blast even more fat!

Exercise #1: Partner Pushups

To first workout the chest portion of this workout, the pushups will be the go-to movement. But to spice things up a bit we will make these pushups a little better than normal. You will have your partner lie down underneath you while cranking out your pushups, but with an extra reward for every rep!

couples workout

  • Have the partner who is not performing the pushups lie face up on the ground
  • Take up a pushup stance with just wide enough hand placement to fit on outside of partner
  • Lower yourself down to the bottom of the pushup like normal, but grab a kiss while at the bottom and then return to the top

Sets and Reps: 4 x AMRAP for each person

Top Tip: Feeling like you’re going to fail on a rep? Just remember who you’ll be crushing if you fall – your sweetie pie!

Exercise #2: Tag Team Pull-ups

Now it’s time to torch your back muscles, but the pull-up is already a hard enough lift that many people can’t do very many. This variation will allow you to split up the reps and help each person reach maximum failure as well as encouraging each other to do the best they can.

couple's workout

  • Take up a normal pull-up setup with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  • Retract the shoulder blades and pull yourself up to the top and slowly lower yourself back down
  • When you cannot do any more tag your partner in and have them go to failure
  • Go back and forth until you neither one of you can’t do one pull-up

Sets and Reps: 4 x AMRAP (alternating people)

Exercise #3: Donkey Calf Raises

couples workoutWhat a better way to set the mood for the romantic evening than having your smoking hot significant other straddle you while working out? It doesn’t get any better than donkey calf raises. Guys, be sure you’re able to lift your partner though or you’ll be sleeping in the doghouse tonight!

  • Begin by having feet shoulder width apart and bend over at the waist
  • Hold on to bench in front of you and have your partner hop on your lower back
  • Slowly raise him/her up and down like you would a normal calf raises really focusing on the squeeze and contraction of each calf

Sets and Reps: 4 x 12-14

Exercise #4: Prison Pushups Race

A variation of the pushup, this will work more your front delt as well as the medial delts at the top of the movement. An overall fat burner and heart-pounder as well since the pace is as fast as you can go. The purpose here is to promote a little healthy competition – try to beat each other!

couple's workout

  • Stand side by side about 5 feet apart
  • Begin by dropping down to the ground and doing 1 pushup
  • Jump back up to your feet and move hands emulating the top part of a jumping jack
  • This counts as one rep and the goal is to who gets their reps done first!

Sets and Reps: 1 x 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – these will burn!

Exercise #5: Sit-up Smooches

couple's workout

Now that you’re all hot and sweaty, why not turn up the love levels even more by being able to kiss mid-set on this exercise!? One partner will hold the feet while the other does the work but they won’t mind because their reward is more than just a flat stomach!

  • Have one partner set up in sit-up form and the other on their knees holding partner’s feet
  • Begin the sit-up and squeeze and hold at the top like normal except the one holding your feet will be moving their head for a kiss every time you reach the top
  • This will work the upper, lower and oblique walls of the abs as well as getting lots of kisses!

Sets and Reps: 4 x As many kisses as you want!

Take-Home Message

This workout may not be one you normally do to build a championship physique but it is one that’s fun to do with your significant other. Don’t just be consumed by all the processed junk on Valentine’s Day – guys, treat your girl respectfully. This workout should be a fun way to spend part of your day together as lovebirds!

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

Writer and expert

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