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The Benefits of Training Early In The Morning

Even the most motivated individuals can lose their drive to hit a workout, I believe training in the morning is the best way to make sure your workouts are better, your results are greater and the rest of your day is far more productive.

Sleeping in and getting more rest may seem like a good idea, then you get up, have a big breakfast to fuel your workout and then you sit on the couch flick on the TV and decide it’s too late to go now. Or maybe you think the extra sleep means when you get off work at 5pm you will be ready to go kill a session, but then you are tired after a long day and you decide you need the night off…if this has happened to you even just once then you really need to read this carefully.

The Benefits Of Getting Up Early

If you get up early, by that I mean like 4.30-5am, you are up for a purpose and you won’t be distracted by other things. You can grab a shake if you need it but if you have had some micellar casein before bed you are most likely ready to go, you can take some Mypre on an empty stomach and get going. There will be less of a crowd at your gym and you’ll find it much more enjoyable going through your routine without lines for machines, people in the way and equipment being left out.

You will then have finished your entire workout before people have even heard their morning alarms go off. You can then get back home for breakfast or head off to work feeling like you’ve already achieved something with your day. No matter what, you will never feel like you wasted that time. It takes a little getting used to, but I am 100% confident if you can form this habit you will be much happier with your results and your life.

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How Do You Do It

I know some of you are probably thinking this is a great idea, in theory, but not in a practical application. I know it’s not always easy to get up early, from experience it isn’t at all, but if you really want to improve, lose weight, gain muscle and transform then you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable and what time is better to start that than first thing in the morning.

#Step 1 – Stay Hydrated

After sleeping for 6-8 hours you need to get some water in, this will firstly wake you up. Your body must work to heat up ice cold water when you drink it so consuming a large glass of this early kicks your body into gear and will make you much more alert. Secondly, water will help the body function better, symptoms of dehydration are muscle cramps, headaches and feeling sluggish/faint, you don’t want any of these during your workout.

#Step 2 – Stay Motivated

I will have either a speech or a pretty upbeat song as my alarm on my phone, sometimes I’ll name the alarm something like “GET UP NOW!” and often I’ll walk around the house getting ready with earphones in. Listen to something that motivates you, this can be an audiobook, Youtube speeches, songs you like, whatever helps, but anything is usually better than the dead silence of 4am.

#Step 3 – Make Use Of Stimulants

I usually make a strong coffee and keep it in the fridge overnight, then I’ll have some Mypre soon after on my way to the gym. Whatever you like to drink before just make sure it’s prepared. You don’t want to spend half your morning searching for a scoop or waiting on your coffee to cool so you can drink it.

#Step 4 – Accountability

This can be achieved many different ways, you may have a gym partner who will be meeting you there so if you drag your feet and don’t go they will be left on their own. You may have plans for after your session so if you don’t get up and go now you won’t get to go at all or you may have a social media profile that you post check-ins on and if you don’t your family and friends will get on your back about skipping.

Again this isn’t a one size fits all section but you need to have some accountability to yourself that you will make the effort, if it’s easy to crawl back into bed then you might just do it.

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Take Home Message

So that is my 4 step guide to getting up early and working out, it won’t just affect the focus and energy you have in your sessions, but it will filter through to your daily life, you are getting an additional 2-3 hours of time which is invaluable and you can then choose how best to make use of it.

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