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DANNY APOLLO: Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves

DANNY APOLLO: Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves

By Myprotein Ambassador Danny Apollo Bruce:


A Leading Motivational Health Expert and

#1 Celebrity Personal Trainer



1)  Seeing 25 sets of 20 bicep curls


If you are bulking or cutting you will not see results while doing so many sets and reps!

Try to lower your rep count and set to an effective and efficient amount.

For example, 6 sets of 15 reps would be a good range.



On a cutting phase is important that 6 x 15 is the maximum amount you are performing unless you are doing a burnout or reps-to-failure regime.


2) Minimal personal space


Don’t you hate it when you are doing lateral shoulder raises and all of a sudden someone wants to come within a foot of you trying to do bicep curls?

You should have some kind of understanding that all of us need that cushion, we need some kind of space when working out.

This is distracting and can affect our workouts –  it would be courteous of you to have some kind of proper etiquette.


3) Mr and Mrs. Gullible


We all know that most things we read are not factual!

It is important that you don’t believe everything that you read – there is a reason why some unreliable sources allow anybody to post and publish an article in their magazine.

Something may or may not work for you – research trusty sources and experiment to see if it works for you!


4) Flamingo Legs


You…..yes You.

You know who you are.

Constantly neglecting your legs whilst being top heavy – expecting to weigh more than a guy who has a balanced and aesthetic physique!


By focussing all of your efforts on getting your upper body in shape and not training your legs, you are leading yourself towards serious injury!

Train your legs and get proportioned, like this guy over here! >>


5) Exercising your mouth


The gym is always unpredictable – it can be extremely quite one day at a certain time and busy another. When it’s busy and you can’t use any machines, the last thing you want to see is that one person sitting on the machine you are trying to use or standing in the middle of the basketball court, holding his phone up to his ear and talking for long periods of time.



This is completely inappropriate and you are wasting everyone’s time!

Have you ever thought that there are other people waiting to get on next?

You have the choice to move out of the way and talk, talk on the way out of the gym or don’t even pick up the phone.



6)  Copycats


Did you know that a trainer/coach might be training someone totally different from one athlete to the next due to their fitness goals?

Just because you see someone who has big arms and gigantic boulder shoulders doesn’t mean that you should do the same workout as them.



If your goal is to have quicker punches in boxing, why would you workout your biceps trying to get them gigantic like a bodybuilder?

Make sure you have a basic understanding of what that persons goals are before you decide to do the same thing. It will prevent possible injuries, pain and discomfort if you have no knowledge behind why someone is doing an exercise you’ve never seen before.


7) Cardio Nerds


For those of you who are reading on the treadmill and walking with a nonchalant attitude expecting to lose weight and get toned…

You are not going to get to your goal of getting toned if you read a lot and are taking your sweet time on the cardio machine.

Kick up the intensity and focus more on what you have to do to get to that lean body you’ve always dreamed of.

Turn your dreams into reality!


8) Slouching on gym equipment


You know how you see people on the Stairmaster and they are slouching over, then they slow down the machine to lean over with a different position, like they are in a grocery store dragging themselves along.


Bored on treadmill


Did you know that having a rounded back means your spinal cord isn’t getting the support it needs to operate your body correctly?

Think about this the next time you want to slouch on the machine. You want to strengthen your body and attain you goal!

Stand or Sit upright engaging your core in all activities and you will be golden!


9) Weight Slamming



Sounds like someone broke a machine!

A person is making all kinds of grunt noises and slams the weights or drops them on the floor…



Did you know that you are actually damaging the floor in the gym, when there is no matting? You can even destroy the machine you are using!

Try not to drop the heavyweight and control it so the rest of us won’t suffer.


10) The 3 meal bandwagon


Although this is not something in relation to being in the gym – it is something that bothers me and will affect your performance in the gym!

Thousands of articles have been wrote on this topic and the truth is, it will actually slow your metabolism down to where you won’t want to eat with the actual amount of time that you’re supposed to!

Try and eat every 2-3 hours if you are trying to maintain or attain a certain goal. The lighter and smaller your meals are, the more likely you are to increase your metabolism.




Writer and expert

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