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Tips For Staying Lean While Traveling

In this article, I will give you a few tips and tricks about how you can prepare for the inevitable – leaving the comfort of your kitchen, gym, and potentially self-discipline. Additionally, I will cover a few very travel-friendly products that have helped me stay on track while traveling without feeling like I am missing out on experiencing new foods and cultures!

Top Fitness Tips

#1 Don’t Neglect Exercise

It’s incredibly easy to fall off the wagon and just conveniently ignore exercising because you are not in your comfort zone of your regular gym or place where you train regularly. Nevertheless, getting up 30 minutes earlier and going for a jog or performing some intensity exercises will go a long way. Get up and get it out of the way. In fact, knowing that I already exercised first thing in the morning makes me want to stay on track for the remainder of the day since I already put the work in.

Remember that these workouts do not need to be hardcore, personal record powerlifting sessions! If you’re traveling for a short period of time (less than a week) than simply engaging in exercise, getting the sweat going and burning some calories should do the trick! Keep in mind that completely giving up on your exercise routine will only slow your long term progress.

#2 Treat Yourself

Let’s be realistic. Traveling is exciting and especially if you’re invited to a nice restaurant or you encounter a tasty local bakery, it’s ok to have a nice meal or pick up a couple of pastries to try. However, as with any food you are not cooking yourself, you can’t really tell the caloric density of the food, macronutrient profile, how much oil or fat has been used etc. In the same way that some of us need a cheat meal sometimes, trying some exciting dishes can be quite an experience while traveling. Try to keep in mind that the majority of your nutrition should still be clean as much as possible if you want to stay on track during your time away from home!

#3 Meal Prep

But isn’t it impossible to meal prep when you’re staying in a hotel without the kitchen or cooking equipment? It does not have to mean preparing chicken breast and cooking up rice. Nowadays you can find countless convenient and healthy food options in a variety of grocery stores anywhere you go. The majority of hotels will probably include a microwave among their amenities and that provides numerous food options you can grab in the store and prepare within a few minutes.

Brown rice mixed with quinoa and other grains are usually available in simple packets that only call for microwaving for a certain amount of time before serving. Canned tuna, canned beans, oatmeal, ham, or fruits are all great options to consider taking along with you on your travels. They do not take much space and can be prepared very quickly. Greek yogurts also make for a great food option that combines well with oats and fruits for overnight oats breakfast or an afternoon snack to get you going again. Simple, healthy, and nutritious.

#4 Utilize Supplements

Supplements are especially useful when traveling. Taking several scoops of Thewhey in a PowerTower goes a long way when you’re hungry between meetings and don’t have time to grab something to eat. Once again, you don’t need to focus on precisely hitting your macros to the last gram, however, drinking a protein shake is more beneficial than filling up on some high caloric street food on the way to your hotel. Additionally, taking some BCAAs to drink with water during the day will not hurt and at least will taste things up a bit!

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Recommended Travel Supplements

Pill Box

Personally, I take the Pill Box with me nearly anywhere I go. It is small, convenient and holds your daily vitamins and pill supplements in a box that fits in your pocket. People will not even notice you took your multis with your breakfast!

BCAA’s & Protein

I covered these two supplements earlier but they really can be a life savers on busy days. If you have a PowerTower, any powder is easily stored in small containers that fit anywhere. I usually mix my powders before I travel and store them in the boxes. For example, I usually mix approximately two scoops of protein and L-Glutamine in each of the containers.


These are pretty straight-forward. Myprotein offers a great variety of fit-friendly snacks such as, Protein Cookies or Beef Jerky for the meat lovers! Not only will these snacks help you stay on your fitness journey, but they can contain a great macronutrient profile that you can only benefit from when you’re traveling!

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Take Home Message

Traveling is exciting, fun and very enjoyable.Staying healthy on a vacation or while traveling takes determination and a lot of focus, however, it will pay off in the long run. There is nothing worse than having to restart after every trip you come from as this will seriously hinder your training progress. Stay on track and keep progressing.


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