Fitness Gifts for Weightlifters | Christmas Gifts 2020

It’s been a pretty rough year for most of us. Gyms are a huge tool for de-stressing for many people, and with their doors closed for a lot of this year, gym-lovers have really struggled. So, for the weightlifters in your life, spoil them this Christmas with the gifts they’ll love. Get them back in the gym in 2021 with everything they need and more to smash their gym goals.  

We’ve got the top gifts for weightlifters this year all here, in one place, so you can get your stocking-fillers for all the weightlifters, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics you know.


Christmas Essentials  

1. PRO Range Sample Box

Gift yourself or your favorite gym partner quality like no other with the PRO Range Sample Box.

Within the Myprotein PRO box, you’ll find premium products like THE Coffee Boost, THE Amino Boost, THE Pre-Workout, THE EAAs, and our PRO Metal Shaker. For what’s usually over a $100, you’ll be able to purchase at a super low price.


2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have so many uses for weightlifters. They’re perfect for activating muscles with some bodyweight exercises at the beginning of your session, as well as helping improve flexibility, which is key to preventing injury.  

Resistance bands are also ideal for adding an extra level of resistance to weighted exercises in the gym, as well as helping the gym-bunny get a sweat on with home workouts.  


3. Supplement Storage

Do they love to meal prep but struggle for storage? With the Large and Small Klick Boxes, they can ensure they have all the food they need on hand when they need it. With removable slots to separate out snacks and supplements, plus a lid that clicks into place, it’s perfect for those packed lunches too.


4. Yoga Mat

Yoga is a brilliant companion to weight training, as perfecting some poses requires a lot of strength and coordination.  

But a good Yoga mat isn’t just for Yogis. For bodybuilders, regular stretching is key to flexibility and preventing injury, and a good Yoga mat is essential for stretching.  


5. Lifting Gloves

Lifting gloves are always in a weightlifter’s gym bag and are definitely an essential. So make sure your gym buddy is stocked with a new pair of lifting gloves this Christmas, ready to lift heavy in 2021. 

With a comfortable fit giving added wrist support, lifts won’t be limited by any loss of grip with these gloves. Any weightlifters you know would love a brand new pair of lifting gloves to show off in the gym after Christmas, these are the ones.


Christmas Fitness Gifts Ideal for a Home Gym  

For all the weightlifters and bodybuilders who invested in a home gym, these gifts will top off their kit. See below for the perfect gifts for their home gym. 


6. Liquid Chalk

Our Liquid Chalk prevents sweating from hands and feet, and allows your weightlifting friends to lift heavy, without having to worry about the bar slipping off, or losing their grip on their feet. Ensure your bodybuilding friends are able to get more reps in their sets by comfortably being able to grip for longer.

Because our lifting chalk is liquid, it’s easy to transport as well as being an essential addition to a home gym.


7. Wrist Wraps

Our super supportive wrist wraps offer enhanced comfort and support, ensuring reduced risk of injury and sprains. These are key for any weightlifters or bodybuilders, allowing them to lift heavy, safely and securely. They’ll definitely thank you for a new set of these.  


8. Large Towel

Made with super-soft cotton and a herringbone loop to hang anywhere, a good gym towel is essential for a home gym, unless you fancy ruining some of your regular towels. 

Give your weightlifter mates this great stocking filler and add to their home gym, or get them properly equipped to head back to the gym. 


9. Leather Dipping Belt

Some of us might struggle with one pull-up, but for your bodybuilding friends, one bodyweight pull-up or dip is far too easy.  

Our leather dipping belt can hold up to 100kg to add resistance to their pull-ups and dips whilst supporting the lower back. Progress never stops with this fitness accessory.  


10. Double Walled Bottle

Perfect for keeping drinks ice cold in a sweaty gym, or keeping a hot drink nice and warm in a freezing cold garage gym. Our Double Walled Bottle keeps pre-workout coffee hot, and post-workout BCAAs refreshing and cold. It’s also completely spill proof. A brilliant stocking filler this year. 


Gym Gear for Christmas Gifting  

Whether you’re getting ready to tackle a home workout, venturing into the gym, or simply having a rest day in front of the TV, MP Clothing has got you covered, head to toe.  

Our clothing is always made with the athlete in mind, tailored for them to get the most out of their workout, every time.


11. Velocity long sleeve tops

As the days get darker and the cold really starts to hit, having gym kits suited to the cold weather is key. Especially when gyms have been closed and we’re doing a lot more outdoor workouts, or garage gym sessions. Velocity collection is made with sweat wicking technology and fabrics that help regulate body temperature.  


12. Raw Training Gear

The Raw Collection is ideal for all weightlifters out there. Paying homage to the golden era of body building, the Raw Training Collection shows off classic bodybuilding gear silhouettes, as well as ensuring comfortability for bulking up (or smashing a Christmas Dinner), and mobility so that all their lifts can be completed with perfect form.  


13. Men’s Performance Gloves

Our Performance Lifting Gloves are comfortable and supportive to enable all of your weightlifting mates to lift heavy, confidently. Perfect for at home training or in the gym, these are the perfect addition to any bodybuilder’s gym kit.  


14. A/Wear T-Shirts& Joggers

Our A/Wear Collection is perfect for a comfy and cozy Christmas Day.  

A/Wear has been made with entirely renewable material and 100% cotton for maximum comfort. Simplistic and stylish, and with comfort in mind, these are ideal for every bodybuilder’s rest days, to build muscle in style.  


The Best Shakers for Christmas Gifting

15. Gallon Hydrator

Hydration is key for every weightlifter. So, make sure your bodybuilding friends are hydrated at all times by keeping the Gallon Hydrator on hand. Especially important for those you know are hopeless at remembering to staying hydrated, and whilst the gallon hydrator may be a little annoying to carry around, they’ll never be thirsty again. The perfect bottle to keep on your desk to make sure you never forget to drink water.


16. Raw Training Leggings

The Raw Training Leggings are made to withstand your toughest, heaviest workouts. Lift heavy, confidently in these leggings, with a ribbed material and seamless design, not only are they insanely durable, they’re comfortable too. 


17. Shaker & Myvegan Shaker  

A brand-new shaker is like a brand-new toy for a bodybuilder.  

Whether you’re vegan or a non-vegan, a shiny new shaker is always going to go down a treat in a weightlifter’s stocking. Replace their old shaker that’s screaming out to be swapped out with a brand new one.


18. Sports Water Bottle

Our Sports Water Bottle is perfect for grabbing in the gym. Holding 735ml, and with a screw top, this is the ideal water bottle for your weightlifting pals to carry on the go.

A little easier to carry around than our Gallon Hydrator, the Sports Water Bottle might be more suited to weightlifters you know who don’t have a desk job, and are always on the move. Make sure they’ve got water wherever they are.


Protein Gifting Essentials this Christmas  

A high protein diet is essential to build muscle, recover properly, and continue to make gains. We’ve got all of the best supplements to make sure all your   


19. Whey & Vegan Blend

Our Whey Isolate and Vegan Blend proteins are made of high-quality protein, with essential amino acids for muscle building.   

Both of these protein powders blend into a smooth and creamy shake, perfect for mixing into porridge, smoothies, or just on its own. Definitely an essential for any weightlifter with 23g of protein per serving in Whey Isolate, as well as 22g per serving in the Vegan Blend.  


20. Clear Whey & Clear Vegan

Our Clear Proteins are for any bodybuilders who prefer a fruitier protein fix than a creamy one.  

With 22g of protein per serving in Clear Whey, and 10g in Clear Vegan both offer a refreshing protein hit, as well as 4 essential BCAAs. We recommend gifting classic Peach Tea or Tropical Dragon Fruit this year.  


21. THE Whey

THE Whey is perfect for anyone looking for huge gains. With 25g of protein, less than 2g of carbs and 1g of fat per serving, those all-important bodybuilding macros will be on point. High protein, low carb, low sugar are all music to the ears of bodybuilders wanting to get in that all-important cut.

We recommend Cookies ‘n’ Cream or Chocolate Caramel for some festive decadence this year.  


22. Weight Gainer Blend

Every weightlifter knows how important a bulk is, and with our Weight Gainer Blend, its never been so easy or tasty to put on mass.  

The Gainer Blend gives a huge 31g of protein, 50g of carbs and 388kcal per serving, so any weightlifter will have no problem gaining good quality muscle mass with this supplement on hand.  


23. Extreme Gainer Blend

If you know someone looking for even more mass, this gainer could be what they need.  

Boasting 40g of protein, 63g of carbs, and 460kcal, this gainer is the ideal gift for serious bodybuilders looking to make some serious gains this Christmas. If Christmas Dinner wasn’t enough, this gainer surely will be.  


24. BCAA & EAA

BCAAs and EAAs both hugely support muscle growth. They’ll give your weightlifter all the amino acids necessary to make great gains, and they’ll definitely be grateful for you stocking them up.  

We’ve got fantastic flavors to choose from too, try our snow one EAAs and our peach rings BCAAs.  


25. Creatine & Creapure 

Scientifically to improve performance, by delivering energy quickly, and increasing overall power. Our Creatine is a brilliant gift for anyone you know trying to improve their performance in the gym, and our Creapure is our purest form of creatine. The perfect supplement to support an ambitious weightlifter.  


26. Protein Wafers

If you find protein bars too heavy for your taste, wafers are a lighter and just as delicious choice to fuel your routine — with the nutritional benefits to back it up.

Our Protein Wafers come complete with 15 grams of protein, they’re low in sugar, and are available in 2 velvety flavors — Chocolate and Vanilla.


27. The Nuts Bar

We’re so excited to share with you our newest high-protein protein bar — The Nuts Bar. Made with crunchy roasted almonds and packed with 12g of protein, The Nuts Bar is a convenient choice for staying fueled when you need it most.

High in fiber, this protein bar is the perfect balance of savory nuts and smooth vanilla . Shop below.


28. Protein Chips

Super savory, in two classic chip flavors, our Protein Chips taste like a cheat meal.

Packed with 14 grams of protein and only 120 calories, this healthy snack alternative won’t derail your diet.

Instead, you can increase your protein intake in a way that’s downright delicious. Choose either Barbecue or Salt & Vinegar to Snack on Track.


29. THE EAAs + Greens

A perfect alternative or compliment to protein shakes, THE EAA + Greens has been designed to boost cellular health and combat free radicals with loads of antioxidants.

EAAs are amino acids that aren’t produced naturally in the body and in turn, have to be consumed through our diet.

An amino blend that stimulates muscle growth and overall health, THE EAA + Greens is a sports nutrition supplement your routine can’t go without.


30. FlavDrops

For those weightlifters that don’t want any excess sugar or calories when they go on that cut, our FlavDrops are ideal. With so many flavors to choose from, you can create a selection for your bodybuilder to choose from, whether its Peanut Butter for their morning protein porridge, or Vanilla to sweeten a shake.  


Take Home Message 

After a tough year for many, those who love sport have struggled too, both mentally and physically. So, give some thoughtful gifts this Christmas, to inspire them to keep pushing with training, and give them the tools to do better next year than any year previous.  

And give some tasty treats along the way too, it is Christmas after all.

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