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The Top Benefits Of Weight Lifting For Teens

The Top Benefits Of Weight Lifting For Teens

Yes, weight lifting could quite possibly change your relationship status from single to taken, but what if I told you it provides us with many other benefits? Most people know that genetics are what dictates overall health and growth but there are many methods we can use as adolescents to increase these factors.

Weight lifting is a very controversial topic due to outdated information and myths. The generation of today suffers from many physical and mental health problems that can surprisingly be fixed naturally. The best and most efficient way to counteract these problems is to introduce a consistent healthy lifestyle and one of the ways teens can introduce this healthy is to weight train. The main reasons adolescents should weight lift is to improve psychological health, increase physiological health as well as increase overall growth rate.

Weight Lifting For Psychological Health

Lifting weights obviously has a positive impact on the individual’s appearance, however for many teens it also teaches and/or reinforce their basic values in life; for example a stronger character, hard work and determination. These qualities are built in the gym which every teen needs more of. These lifelong lessons do not only help adolescents in the weight room but they can help them strive in other aspects of life outside of the gym.

For example, the hard work, determination and dedication needed to work out and maintain a healthy looking physique will carry on to the teenager’s academic career, thus increasing their academic performance. Being active stimulates positive thoughts and increases confidence. Confidence is something that most teenagers lack which can sadly result to teenage depression cases; a Harvard study found that ten weeks of weight training reduced clinical depression symptoms more successfully than counselling.

benefits lifting weights

Banging around a few weights increases the ‘‘feel good” hormones in our body called endorphins and give us a feeling of accomplishment once finished the workout. Training teaches teens that anything can be achieved in life with a positive attitude. Endurance and energy levels will be increased therefore making it easier to tackle life’s obstacles.

Not feeling good? Then train. Not happy? Train. Need a mood boost? Then train.

Weight Lifting For Physiological Health

With all the mental benefits that training provides also comes a numerous amount of physiological health benefits. Weight lifting strengthens bones and muscles thus making teens better athletes and will promote longevity. The stress heavy weight puts on our bones increases their mass which decreases as we start entering the senior portion of our lives. This means that starting to weight lift at a younger age will help prevent diseases like osteoporosis. Training as a young adult will help teens in the present as well as help them in the future.

Lifting weights increases the metabolism which means this boost will help us burn more fat/calories therefore making us not only look better but also lower our chances of being obese. This healthy lifestyle also decreases the chances of being diagnosed with heart problems – studies show that moderate exercise decreases blood pressure by 20 percent. According to livestrong.com, 150 minutes a week of weight lifting lowers the risk of diabetes by 34 percent. Teens love their sugar and working out burns glucose thus controlling blood sugar levels.

Teenagers should start incorporating weight lifting as well as a healthy diet in order to prevent these diseases from occurring in the present or in the future.

Does Weight Lifting Stunt Your Growth?

How many of you have asked your parents if you can have a gym membership and have received an answer like: “You’re too young” or “would you like to stay that height for the rest of your life?” and lastly the most common of the bunch and my personal favorite: “No, it will stunt your growth.” This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the entire industry! It is an old myth that sadly punishes teens to reach their full potential. We’ve been able to put men on the moon but have never been able to scientifically prove whether weight lifting stunts growth or not.

In order to stunt your growth the individual must fracture the growth plate. Contact sports like football provide a greater risk in severely damaging the growth plate compared to a squat, deadlift or bench press. If we back track to many, many centuries ago, the Egyptians used to deadlift their stones, farmer carry them to a desired location in which they were then military pressed over head in order to reach new heights and successfully complete their astonishing pyramids, all while remaining pain free and “stunt” free.

These Movements Are Natural

What people do not understand is that most bodybuilding movements (especially compound movements like the squat, deadlift, bench press and the military press) are 100% natural and the addition of weights is only implemented in order to stimulate the muscles to a greater extent. To all parents: When your teen was an infant and s/he went to go pick up a toy s/he performed a perfect squat to pick it up. The only difference is that your child is no longer an infant and s/he can start utilizing additional weight (with proper form) to stimulate their muscles, minds and central nervous systems.

benefits lifting weights

Unless you’re squatting and someone throws a dumbbell at your spine the odds of fracturing bones in the weight room are slim. Genetics determine growth, NOT weight lifting so if you come from a family where everyone is 5’5, the odds of you becoming a 7’4 basketball player are low. HGH is the human growth hormone responsible for our overall growth, and this hormone is released into our body in two different ways. HGH is mainly secreted in long and deep sleep. When teens weight lift they become mentally and physically fatigued, thus increasing the quality of sleep which stimulates growth. The second way it is released is through intense exercise which means the more intense the exercise the more HGH is secreted into our bodies. This means that weight lifters will most likely have a greater secretion of HGH which will allow them to reach superior heights compared to the average teen.

Maybe it’s time for us to start educating our parents on this misconception but be careful, they are the ones who will most likely be paying for your membership.

Take-Home Message

People who think adolescents should not weight train are just uneducated on this topic. The most valuable element in all of our lives is our health and weight lifting clearly increases physical and mental health dramatically. Teens have their entire lives ahead of them and they must start taking care of themselves now. We must stop knocking on wood when the words “heart attack” or “depression” come up in conversation. On the contrary we should be knocking on the doors of our local gyms and start making a difference today.



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