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The Benefits Of Exercise On The Body & Mind

Prepping for a big presentation? Got a key role in a wedding? Meeting potential in-laws for the first time? Important events can spring up at any time. Preparation is the key to success in many circumstances, and a major part of that preparation should be exercise. Here are the key aspects of your workout that will help you smash whatever event comes your way:

Life PA

Doing exercise makes your brain more adept at sorting out the tasks you face. Those who work out often find it easier to organise and prioritise the things they need to do. This makes exercise your first port of call before you start the rest of your event preparation. If you are often prone to feeling flustered or unorganized, this could be your cure.

So, before you consider paying someone else to assist you in your personal life, try investing time at the gym first. You’ll be a slick success machine in no time.

Anti Anxiety Aid

If you are feeling anxious or nervous about an upcoming event, exercise can help here too. Studies have shown that high-intensity exercise can reduce feelings of anxiety for hours at a time. So if you need a confidence boost, or simply go steady your nerves, hit the gym hard. Try interval training on the treadmill, or aim for your personal best time trial in the pool.

The endorphins released by the body during exercise act in a similar way to morphine. These natural chemicals encourage feelings of happiness and relaxation. It is these that are one of the key aspects of calming anxiety. They are also credited with helping many people manage their depression.

Mirror Maximizer

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding demi-god, first coined the phrase “the pump”. It refers to the immediate effect exercise (particularly weightlifting) has on your appearance. While, of course, the true growth takes sustained exercise, your muscles can appear bigger for hours at a time following a good workout. So if you want to look your best at your event, hit the gym. You’ll feel toned, taught, and ready to take on anything.

A thorough session at the gym will also help you to metabolize any treats served at your event. Canapes, biscuits and cake will be no match for your pre-prepared body.

Thanks for the Memories

Studies have shown that those who exercise have larger memory banks in their brain than those who do not. The prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex, which help store memories, increase as you establish a regular exercise regime.

In addition, the hippocampus increases with regular aerobic activity. This area of the brain is responding to verbal memory and learning. So hit a Zumba class if you have a presentation you want to ace.

Exercise is great for our health – I think that’s something we can all agree on. However, when you consider all the other ways in which exercising improves our lives, it makes you want to run even faster to the gym.

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

Writer and expert

Faye Reid has a Master of Science in Sport Physiology and Nutrition. She puts her passion into practice as goal attack for her netball team, and in competitive event riding. Find out more about Faye's experience here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faye-reid-8b619b122/.

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