Featured Gym – Stern’s Gym

Featured Gym – Stern’s Gym


Featured Gym- Sterns Gym


If you head down to Granada Avenue, North park, San Diego you better be prepared to sweat.

After climbing 27 stairs to the second floor, inside the twisted ropes, leather belts and stacks of dumbbells you’ll find San Diego oldest gym- the ultimate sweat gym.

This month we were lucky enough to be able to head down to Stern’s gym and speak to current owner Shannon Brown and previous owner/ founder Leo Stern and hear about their inspirational journey first hand.


stern's gym

stern's gym


Stern’s Gym History


The luminous neon lights appear to be brightest at 5am when the first hardcore gym rats arrive, filling the place with sweat and muscle. Sterns gym, originally a slaughter house, is no house of fun- this old school no non sense gym was founded and opened over 60 years ago in 1947 by Leo Stern. At just $25 dollars rent a month, San Diego was faced with its first taste of hardcore sweat and muscle.


In 1947 America wasn’t as fitness fueled as it is today, with many articles in popular magazines such as readers digest suggesting the best thing to do after 25 was to sit in a rocking chair and watch TV. This made tackling early day misconceptions just one of the many accomplishments Leo Stern managed to achieve in his career.


“They didn’t like young fellas with muscles, they found them repulsive”.


Sterns Gym


Leo Stern


Leo’s inspirational career began in 1945 where he began teaching weight training classes, from here he went on to train some well known champs- including big names such as Clancy Ross, who was named Mr America 1945.


But Leo didn’t just train others- oh no!


Leo practiced what he preached and is known not just in San Diego, to be a champion and a huge aspiration to anyone interested in bodybuilding and fitness. Some of Leo Stern’s previous success includes winning the title of Mr San Diego in 1941 and Mr California in 1946.


What’s more he didn’t just keep his passion to himself- Leo spread the word of sterns gym and even managed to get his wife Betty involved! Once Betty tasted the cool aid of fitness there was no going back and in 1962 she opened her own gym- showing the world of fitness was not simply restrained to men.


Sterns Gym


Stern’s Gym- Hardcore No Nonsense


As Betty’s gym continued to grow- so did Leo’s with famous names such as Jack LaLanne “the godfather of fitness”, Lou Ferringo “the Incredible Hulk” and even the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger coming down to train hard and sweat at Stern’s gym.




If you head down to Stern’s gym today you’ll be surrounded by an overwhelming atmosphere of passion and determination, seeing members who have been attending this old school gym for over 50 years.



Sterns Gym


Why Myprotein Love Stern’s Gym


After visiting Stern’s gym we could see firsthand that Leo’s incredible achievements sweat from the walls. Here at Myprotein we believe in hard work and fueling your ambition at every possible opportunity- mentally and physically and that’s why we love the hardcore old school environment at Stern’s gym.


The influence of Stern’s gym has been incredible over the years and today even though the dedicated Shannon Brown Owns Stern’s gym, at 83 Leo still works out 4 times a week. If walls could talk here they’d speak of muscle bound dreams that began at Sterns gym.


Stern's Gym




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