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Stay Together With This Couple Workout Circuit

Working out together is a sure fire way to have fun, work hard and enjoy each others company in a different environment. It’s a great way to build bonds and ties and encourage each other to stay fit and stay strong.

Full Workout For Couples

Since this workout is already designed as a change from your usual gym session let’s throw the usual boring workout order on its head with an ab circuit to start it off.

?  Side Plank Twists – 3 x 20 each side

With your back to your partner get up on your elbow into a side plank position. Both reach towards the sky with your arm that is furthest from the ground then simultaneously lower that arm and curl under your body towards your partner, tap hands and repeat.


?  Alternating Plank Hi-5s – 3 x 20

Get in a regular plank position facing your partner. Lift one arm off the ground, have your partner lift the opposite arm and hi-5 each other.

?  Russian Twist Medicine Ball Pass 100 Passes Each

Sit next to your partner on the ground holding a medicine ball, straighten your legs and raise them off the floor and sit up in a crunch position have your partner hold the same position. Turn and pass the medicine ball keeping the legs as still as possible.

Have your partner take the ball, turn the other way as if passing to another person, turn back and return the ball to you. You both repeat that until you complete 100 passes each.

?  Leg Press

For a competition have the female partner perform the normal leg press movement and the male performs isometric leg presses. The challenge is to match or better the others total so if your partner completes 20 reps with the weight you have to hit 20 each leg.

?  Glute Ham Raise

Kneel down and have your partner hold your ankles and press down hard. Lean forward keeping your back straight and lower yourself towards the ground as slowly as possible. When you cannot hold yourself anymore let yourself drop perform an explosive push up and restart. These are tough so shoot for 5 reps if that is easy then increase it.

?  Leg Extensions and Leg Curl Superset

One of you start on each machine and switch back and forth for 4 sets of 12 take rest after completing 1 round of each machine.

?  Box Jumps

Very easy to manage, pick a couple of box heights and go 5 sets of 5 explosive jumps with your partner, complete them separately so you can encourage each other to really explode on these.

?  Walking Lunges Finisher

If you have a track it’s ideal but if not it’s possible on a basketball court or even a long stretch of the gym floor.
Try and do around 400m, if one of you will struggle with that then have them walk the first half and then join you. This is a great way to catch up with each other while still working out, you can plan what you are going to do after you are done and it is still really intense.

? Warm Down: Static stretch and foam roll

Take Home Message

Overall if you want to substitute in other exercises you can but just be mindful of making this a couples day. Other gym sessions you can go off to your side with your preferred stations and machines but this once a weekday will afford you time with your partner.

Great for a weekend when you just want a little sweat on and some active recovery.


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