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How To Stay Fit & Healthy On Vacation

How To Stay Fit & Healthy On Vacation

It’s an awesome time of year with summer in full swing. There’s no school, the weather’s warm and many of us are probably heading out for vacation very soon. You’ve trained and have eaten clean for many months leading up to your vacation because you want to look a certain way with your shirt off or in a bathing suit, but just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean to take a break completely from fitness. Take some time away from you daily workout routine will be good but getting in some good workouts will also relieve stress that much more and help you feel energized for your time away!

Go for a Run on the Beach

We may not love running but if you’re lucky enough to vacation near a beach, there’s nothing like going for a jog there. Not only does the sand make the run a lot more cushioned for your feet, ankles and knees but it also provides additional resistance in a way that you will barely notice. If you’re able to a few mornings while vacationing, make it a point to go for a morning run before the sun comes up. There’s nothing quite like getting your mind and body right while taking in a breath-taking sunrise while doing so.

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Paddle Boarding

One of the best ways to take in the full view of any body of water while getting in a great workout is to go paddle boarding. If you don’t have your own paddle board, many lagoons, beaches and lakes have places where renting is an option. If you’ve never tried it before, take a class with an instructor that can show you the ropes so you can come back the next time and go where you please.


Going right along with paddle boarding, kayaking is something that even the beginners can do usually without any guidance. You can get as extreme as you’d like and try some kayaking through river rapids and over waterfalls, or use the time in the kayak to get a good workout but more than anything relax down a small stream or out on a flat body of water. Kayaking is also a great way to travel through water caves on guided tours and through valleys of some great mountain ranges.

Bike Some Trails

If you’re more outdoorsy, then maybe you’re headed to somewhere a little cooler than normal where outdoor activities are your number one priority anyway. Although big in the mountainous regions, many places around the world have incredible mountain bike trails and even bikes you can rent to take a spin. Not only is this a great, yet grueling leg workout, it will get you out in nature so you can experience some amazing views. Many trails have small ponds and even waterfalls that you can stop, take in the scene and take a dip!

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Hotel Workout

If all else fails, you are staying in a hotel which probably has the standard elliptical, treadmill and some light dumbbells. Although not as glamorous as running on the beach on ripping through rapids in the Rockies, getting in a workout can still be done. If you’re even less lucky to get a gym in your hotel, doing squats, push-ups, dips on a chair and many other body weight exercises can be done in the comfort of your own room- just have to be creative!

Take-Home Message

While vacation is a great time to relax and debrief from daily life, it’s no excuse to go all or nothing for a week at a time. You’ll be eating some not-so-healthy food so getting in 3-4 workouts in your week long vacation will do the body wonders and keep your fitness goals on track!

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

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