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How to Start a New Training Plan

How can I start a new training plan?

Achieving your dream gym body isn’t easy, but with the right plan in place you can make quick progress towards smashing your goals and setting new limits.

A training plan can put your fitness targets into perspective by helping you set achievable targets within a realistic timeframe. With the right workout and diet plan you can work towards specific goals that’ll take your gym performance to the next level and transform your physique.


What your training plan needs

No training plan is complete without:

  • Clear goals. Setting clear, achievable goals is the first step to creating your training plan. To push yourself to the limits and achieve your potential, make these goals challenging yet realistic. Aiming too high might mean you struggle to achieve your ambitions, which could discourage you from sticking to your calendar.
  • Good form. Before getting started, ask a personal trainer to take you through all the workouts on your program to teach you the correct form. Without the right form you could be at risk of injury, which might put you out of action for weeks. To stay on track it’s always best to lock down every movement perfectly, so you won’t be compromising on performance.
  • Don’t push the boundaries. Always challenge yourself, but don’t go too far. Be prepared for your progress to take time and don’t push the limits of your body. If you lift too heavy or workout too many days in a row, you’ll be putting your body at risk of fatigue or injury.
  • Take rest days. You might want to push your hardest to reach your peak fitness level, but rest days are essential to getting there. If you don’t take rest days to allow your body to heal, you could end up overworking your muscles and injuring yourself.
  • Record progress. Always write down the weights you lift and the personal bests you hit. By recording your progress as you work through your training plan, you can ensure you’re always moving forward, closer to your overall goals. It’ll also help you stay motivated to achieve your next personal best.
  • Combine your training plan with the right nutrition. Get the most out of your workout by fueling your body with the right food. Include protein to help support and grow your muscles. Eat carbohydrates before and after workouts to stay energized and check out which vitamin supplements could help you achieve your goals.

A training plan could be just what you need begin your fitness journey and smash your goals. Incredible results and next-level gym success are just around the corner.

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