Sleeve-Busting Arms | How To Get BIG

Sleeve-Busting Arms | How To Get BIG

Today we’re discussing a topic that most, if not all males, are searching the answer for. Admit it – when you look at your physique in the mirror, the first thing you do is flex your biceps and admire your results!

You may be just starting out in bodybuilding or weight lifting and are trying to figure out how to grow you arms faster and more efficiently, so we’ll discuss on how you change up your routine to yield greater results from your hard training regime.

The Body Fat Illusion

how to get big arms

The very first tip isn’t an exercise, but rather an illusion that is based off of body fat. For example, if you take 2 people and place them side by side for comparison, and they both have 16 inch arms, they might look the same size as each other since they are. However, if one person of the two has 12% body fat and the other person has a body fat over 20%, although they both have 16 inch arms when measured, the selected individual with 12%, or the lower body fat, is going to appear to others as having larger arms or muscles.

The Bicep Peak

The next issue is about the infamous bicep peak. Some people are under the false pretenses that one can build a much larger bicep peak and shape the peak better by performing certain exercises and extensive amounts of supination (rotation of the wrist/palms outwards). This is FALSE – this information is misleading. The bicep peak one develops for his/her physique is not based off of certain exercise movements performed, but rather its based purely off of one’s genetics, and you cannot change the shape of your muscles that your genetics provide you by performing certain exercises in a specific way or for an insanely high number of reps. Instead, focus on growing your muscle size by lifting heavier weight and staying in a controlled rep range suitable to your goals.

Go Hard or Go Home

how to get big arms

Heavier. Heavier. Heavier. I cannot stress enough about how important it is to keep pushing yourself and lifting heavier during your workouts. Yes, you will be able to build some toned arms by lifting 25lb dumbbells for an endless amount of curls – but lifting heavier will benefit you so much more. If you can curl 50lbs but you’re only doing 25lbs, you are putting forth 50% of your total effort you can give.

If you aren’t giving your workout 100%, there’s no point in going to the gym in the first place because you aren’t pushing your body to the limit. Make it a goal to keep pushing yourself and going heavier and heavier with each workout, and I promise that in time, you will reap the rewards.

Don’t Forget Triceps!

Lastly, I want you to understand that in order to obtain larger arms, you must train your triceps. I don’t care how badly you want the bicep peak and believe your training will help you achieve such a peak, focus on your triceps too. Your tricep is the muscle that adds volume to your arms and gives them a full look. This is partially in part due to the fact that the tricep makes up 2/3 of your upper arm.

Perform heavy exercises on your triceps. Some of my personal favorite exercises to go heavy on for increase in size are: tricep cable push downs, skull crushers, and narrow grip bench press. These three, simple exercises will become your best friends when trying to gain arm size. These exercises are heavy movements that are guaranteed to help fill your arms to maximum growth and potential.

Take-Home Message

how to get big arms

Train smarter and learn the movements and exercises properly. Lift as heavy as you can. A good arm workout can last an hour and only consist of few exercises, but if you lift as heavy as you can with proper technique, I promise that you’ll begin to see greater results compared to other gym junkies training arms every single day without this knowledge or understanding of how the arm muscles work.


Logan Berman

Logan Berman

Writer and expert

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