Too Busy To Work Out? Try These 5 Simple Exercises

Too Busy To Work Out? Try These 5 Simple Exercises

Fitting a regular exercise regimen into your daily life may seem like a Herculean task if you have been a bit of a couch potato so far. Starting with 10 minutes of light work every day with these 5 simple exercises you can finally increase your energy and get fitter!

The below exercise tips are separated into exercises that can be carried out at home and exercise tips to remain active at work!

1) Skip Your Way to an Active Lifestyle

Skipping was a favorite game as children and now it is time to skip down the memory lane and enjoy some joyful skipping time! 10 minutes of skipping can burn 135 calories while sculpting your shoulders, chest, arms, legs and love handles.

The length of an ideal rope should not go beyond your armpits from the center of the rope.

2) Mind-Body Exercise

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Yoga, Pilates, and tai chi are examples of “mind-body” fitness, as they emphasize both physical and mental strength. Teaching you how to move your body and focus your mind; these exercises help to keep you from putting on the bad weight, keep high blood pressure at bay and improve sleep. During a 3-month study, people doing yoga lowered both their LDL (bad) cholesterol and their triglycerides more than 12 points.

3) Take the Stairs

Turn your staircase into an all time fat burning apparatus. Avoid fancy elevators and escalators wherever possible to get a free dose of cardiovascular exercises. Walking the stairs for half an hour can burn 286 calories; which is roughly equivalent to walking at 3.5 mph for two full hours! Studies show taking one step at a time burns more calories.

4) Take Breaks to Stretch

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If your work requires you to be glued to your seat 9 hours in a day, it becomes mandatory to take appropriate breaks to ensure you don’t end up getting as stiff as a cardboard! It could be a trip to the conference room to stretch those lazy muscles or a short walk to an open space to get some fresh air. Keep moving around to beat the monotony of work and to get some well deserved exercise.

5) Squat to Your Chair Level

Tighten your abs (and keep them tight) as you bend your knees. Keep your arms stretched as you slowly squat down until your buttocks are hovering barely above the chair. Make sure not to sit down on the chair. Remain in that position for 10 seconds before you straighten up. This exercise tones your abs, arms and legs.



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