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Presidents’ Day Pump | Shoulders and Arms Workout

Presidents’ Day Pump | Shoulders and Arms Workout

It’s that time of year again- time to celebrate the birthday of America’s first president, George Washington! For those of you who will be enjoying the day-off what better than to hit up the gym by doing this shoulders and arm workout to leave you feeling pumped for the whole day.

Tri-set #1: Bicep Curl/EZ-Bar Skullcrushers/Seated Dumbbell Press

The whole goal of this workout is to pump as much blood into your muscles to leave you feeling full for your party. So all exercises will be performed in a tri-set fashion with little rest periods and high repetitions. This will create an intense pump without leaving the comfort of your home. The first tri-set consists of some compound lifts for the biceps, triceps and shoulders. Hit these curls, skullcrushers and presses like your life depends on it!

4th july pump

  • Start off with the curls by grabbing either dumbbells or an EZ-bar
  • Keep the elbows tucked in with a shoulder width grip and curl the bar up to your upper chest and slowly lower back down
  • Then move over to some EZ-Bar skullcrushers either on a bench or just the ground if you don’t have one
  • Keep the elbows tucked to hit the long head of the triceps, stop the weight just short of your forehead and then press the weight back to the top
  • Set the weight down and begin in on your shoulder presses
  • Do these seated but use a bench without back support (or chair) to help keep the upper back engaged for maximum muscle recruitment
  • Start with dumbbells at your eyes then press up to the top and meet in the middle
  • Slowly lower the weight back down to just below ear level and repeat

Sets and Reps: 6 x 10-12 on each exercise

Tri-set #2: Banded Curls/Banded Tricep Extensions/Banded Side/Front/Rear Raises

With your arms and shoulders now with some blood in them, it’s time finish them off with the annihilation sets. Rather than sticking to your conventional rep range of 8-12, we’re blowing up those arms and delts with reps upwards of 25. Keep the form tight but pump the reps out and get yourself to growing!

  • Start off with the banded curls using a hammer grip
  • Keeping the hand and elbows tucked in, crank out at least 25 reps
  • If you don’t get the desired reps, rest then start in again
  • Next, move onto banded extensions with the band set up at least at chest height
  • Press the band down at rapid rate but be sure to accentuate the triceps head by flaring out the bottom of the movement
  • Hit at least 25 repetitions and break when you need it
  • Move on to the shoulder finisher by starting with the banded side lateral raises
  • After hitting 25 reps, move on to the front raises and rear raises in the same matter using a 1:1 tempo for all three exercises

Sets and Reps: 6 x 25-30 on each lift

Take Home Message

This quick workout will give you a great pump for the day ahead if you get up and do it in the morning. You can then enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever you want to do, knowing your workout is out the way.  Happy birthday President Washington!

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

Writer and expert

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