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President’s Cup | Golf Workouts, Fitness Training & Nutrition


With some of the world’s best golfers competing at the President’s Cup, armchair experts across the globe will be judging every swing and sizing up their own golf game in comparison. In today’s golfing world there’s more to a pro’s game than their skill with a club – golfers require concentration, accuracy, strength and determination.

Golf Fitness Training

Here we look at exercises that will keep you in peak condition for all eighteen holes so that all you need to concern yourself with on game day is your swing.

As a golfer, you don’t need the burden of bulk and mass muscle tightening your swing. You also need to last eighteen holes.

Compound lifts, benching and mass loading not only have little use in golf, they can also hinder your moves. You need lean muscle and functional strength. While cynics may have an image of golf being an out-of-shape old men’s sport, today’s male and female table leaders suggest otherwise. The pros make it look easy, but a flawless golf swing is the result of dynamic flexibility. This is the result of training to develop your dexterity and power.



Your back muscles are engaged every time you swing, so a weak back could greatly impact on your game – especially later in the game if you’re bent over on the putting green. Posture is key, which means shoulders back, supporting your upper body with your core.

Heavy weight lifting will build the mass muscle that you don’t need, so work with 3 x 15 reps of a moderate to low weight of the following exercises:

?  Seated row

?  Lateral pull down

?  Standing row

?  Standing reverse fly
For upper body arm, back, shoulder and core strength, here are a few alternative exercises you might not have thought of:

?  Standing cable twist
If your gym equipment comes with a handy ‘two-palmed grip bar’. An individual grip in each hand will also work. Standing at a right angle to the apparatus, begin with the cables at a high level. With both hands together, or both holding the same bar, face the apparatus and twist in a slow arching 180-degree motion so that you end up facing away from the source of the cable. For the next set, lower the angle of the cable so you’re turning it horizontally. For the third, lower the cable again so that you’re raising it from a low to high position.
?  Barbell front cable raise
Using a cable with a barbell attachment, stand with your back to the apparatus. Run the cable between your feet and take a wide grip on the barbell. Raise the barbell to a 60 degree angle and lower slowly back down.


?  One-handed straight-arm cable pull-down
Stand side-on to the cable machine at a 90 degree angle. Grip the cable with your outer-facing arm and pull it down from a high to low position. For the next set, lower the angle of the cable so you’re turning it horizontally. For the third, lower the cable again so that you’re raising it from a low to high position.



It’s not just about strengthening your core, it’s about keeping it loose to compliment your swing. Therefore you don’t want to focus on crunches alone, but think of your abs as more than a six-pack.


? Roman chair lifts
Using a Roman chair, hyper-extend your back. 15 reps. Then turn and do the same on each side to work your obliques. Repeat three times.


 ? Barbell twists
With a barbell across your shoulders, as if you’re about to squat, twist slowly (with your feet still) to a 90 degree angle, facing each way. Perform this three times and then do the same from your waist, bending forward and then straightening again.


?  Medicine ball twists
These can be performed both sitting and standing. Twist holding a medicine ball at your midriff and turn each side. When performing seated twists, lift your heels a few inches off the ground.




Many pro golfers believe that the power of the drive comes from the legs. As with upper body workouts it isn’t about heavy lifting. The classic compound lifts, including squats and deadlifts, will strengthen the core and strengthen your foundation, but for golf your best approach is single leg lifts.


Single-leg resistance training is a good way to ensure equal coverage. It’s not uncommon to have a stronger leg that bears the brunt of heavier lifts. Your swing and posture depend on balance. The following exercises are designed to build your stability:


?  Single leg squats

?  Single leg pistol squat

? Single leg shoulder press

?  Single leg weighted twist


It’s recommended that you follow the above training sessions four times a week. Aside from that, nothing beats the effectiveness of getting out on the coarse (without the cart), walking and hitting all eighteen holes.


Golf Nutrition & Supplements


Golf nutrition and sports supplements for golfers may not seem important, but if you’re keen to improve your handicap – we’re here to help. A typical game of golf (18 holes) takes between 3-5 hours to complete, therefore energy is a must-have, why not try our Caffeine Pro? Recovery is also imperative – drink plenty of fluids and electrolytes – and we don’t mean in the clubhouse!

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