How Pokémon Go Can Benefit Your Health & Fitness… Yes, Really!

How Pokémon Go Can Benefit Your Health & Fitness… Yes, Really!

I’m sure you are puzzled, seeing the word Pokémon in Myprotein’s health and fitness blog. It’s no mistake – we are still in The Zone! Pokémon Go is the last tech boom which has surpassed Twitter in the US and is causing real hype worldwide. This game for smartphones forces you off the couch and to walk around town if you want to advance in it. It combines fun and sport, pushing both children and adults to get active!

What Is Pokémon Go?pokemon go

Any game addiction have always translated into a sedentary hobby, facing your TV screen – but Nintendo has broken with this by creating Pokémon Go. It is a series based on the legendary Pokémon game, which was based on chasing, catching and training your very own pocket monsters, then confronting your enemies to win badges as you advanced.

Following the same philosophy of the previous games, this mobile game detects your position using GPS and forces you to walk around the city to capture Pokémon. In the most unexpected moment your camera will turn on and the Pokémon that can capture will appear before you – launch the Pokéball correctly to add to our list of Pokémon.

Pokémon Go and Fitness

This game is great for anyone who wants to lose weight, walk for kilometers around the city and have fun playing sports outdoors. But for fitness enthusiasts like us it’s ideal – I’m sure I’m not the only one who spends hours doing cardio on an empty stomach at dawn to shred for summer. Sometimes I find it unbearable, until I discovered this game that manages to make those seemingly endless cardio sessions into something fun and entertaining.


Calories burned per 60 min



Since your goal here is to travel as much as possible the area to find specific Pokémon, whilst playing you should log on an app that calculates the number of kilometers you make a day. Seeing as you’ll be so focused on catching ’em all, you’ll be surprised and just how far you walk and how many calories you burn!

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