Patriot Day Workout To Remember

Patriot Day Workout To Remember

By Tyler Stark

US Myprotein Writer

As a nation, the United States remembers September 11, 2001 as a day of complete tragedy and loss with those who lost their lives and those who voluntarily sacrificed their lives for our nation’s safety. As this weekend brings a feeling of somberness, use it also to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Although a workout may seem trivial, it’s a small way to reflect and put your all into something.

Below you’ll find a special Patriot Hero workout. Give it 100% to show respect for our fallen heroes and overall loss as a nation.

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Warm-up: FRAN

If you’ve never heard of Fran the workout, you’re about to get to know it real quick. This workout is normally performed as a CrossFit athlete’s workout of the day, but today is special and we’re putting in extra work.

Here’s the lowdown:

FRAN – 21-15-9

Thrusters (95 lbs)



– Begin by setting up a BB with 95 lbs for the thrusters

– With hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, clean the weight up into the front rack starting position

– Perform a front squat, then once back up to the top, press the weight overhead and repeat for the first 21 reps

– After reps are performed move immediately into either strict or kipping pull-ups for 21 reps as well

– Repeat the superset for 15 and 9 reps for time

This simple superset is a great way to start off this ultimate Patriot Day workout. Undoubtedly it will leave your whole body feeling trashed already. Keep in your head the mindset of why you’re working out and that you enduring a small amount of pain in your warm-up WOD is nothing compared to what are men and women in the armed forces go through protecting your freedom.

Workout: MURPH

murph crossfit patriot day

We’re going completely savage today to honor the fallen heroes and performing Murph for the actual WOD portion is just the workout to do so!

Michael Murphy is the hero in which this workout is named after. Murphy gave his life in Afghanistan in 2005 serving his country. Crossfitters around the globe honor this man with one of the most grueling workouts that’s sheer volume is enough to scare most athletes. Give it your all and then some.

Murph (!)

✔ Run 1 Mile

✔ 100 Pull-ups

✔ 200 Push-ups

✔ 300 Squats

✔ Run 1 Mile

There really isn’t a whole lot of explanation on how to perform these exercises laid out here. The toughest part about all of this is that traditionally a weight vest is required to be worn during the entirety of this WOD.

The first mile should be a slow one to pace yourself for the grueling pounding you’ll put your body through. Don’t be hesitant about taking breaks in all three bodyweight exercises as well to give your body some recovery time. Kill the last mile and do your country proud by honoring not just Michael Murphy, but all of our current, former and fallen heroes.

Take Away

Working out is in itself a trivial way of honoring and respecting fallen heroes but it does allow us to take time away from our day and devote to go through these grueling acts of strength and fitness.

Keep in mind why you’re performing the work on September 11 this year – it’s not really a vanity project nor to better yourself but for you debrief from daily life, take a moment of silence, stare intently into the red, white and blue and think about some of the most important factors in life: honor, respect, liberty and freedom. These didn’t happen by accident, they were paid for a price.


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