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Outdoor Exercises To Try Before Winter Hits

Outdoor Exercises To Try Before Winter Hits

The cold days of winter are right around the corner. The gym can become a daily grind after working a long day inside. Sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with an outside workout and it is even more important to make use of the limited time left to get outside and do some exercise. You can find a new park to explore or a scenic trail to enjoy some fresh air. Try these 5 outdoor workouts before this winter really hits.

Outdoor Workouts

Plyo Meltdown

Plyometrics are exercises in which the muscles exert maximum force for short intervals of time. This style of training increases power through speed and strength. Plyometrics are also a great way to get your heart rate up and burn some serious calories. Find yourself a nice patch of grass and get to work.

The Workout:

Do the exercise for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between each exercise:

? Jumping Jacks

? Wall Sits

? Pushups

? Crunches

? Step-Ups

? Squats

? Dips

? Planks

? Running In Place

? Lunges

? Push Up & Rotation

? Side Planks


? Hill Sprints

Running outside is a relieving feeling, but can become stagnant when running on flat ground. Flat ground running has its negatives, such as compressive forces on the joints and soft tissue. Muscles, ligaments and tendons can be injured with constant flat ground running. Challenge yourself with this high intensity calorie-burning workout.

The Workout:

After the sprint up the hill, jog down the hill using this time to rest. Keep a steady pace.

? 5 minute light jog with dynamic stretching

? 1-4 sprints : 60% effort

? 5-8 sprints : 80% effort

? 9-12 sprints : 100% effort

? 10 minute light jog, end with stretching

outdoor workout

? Two Round Burner

This workout is designed to be done in two parts with 5 rounds each. Do workout 1 – 5 times and then workout 2 – 5 times. This type of training will keep you on your toes from round to round. When you begin the workout feels easy, but as you progress your whole body will be burning. Keep your form solid and push through the pain. If you’re feeling up to it, go through the workout twice.

The Workout:

Workout 1 (5 Rounds):

? 15 Pushups

? 15 Sit Ups

? 15 Squats

Workout 2 (5 Rounds):

? 15 Burpees

? 20 Bench Jumps

? 25 Pushups

? 30 Squats

? 35 Lunges

outdoor workout

? Jump Rope

Jumping rope inside may be challenging due to space requirements. Take this workout outside with plenty of space for interval sprints. A track like surface or a grass patch beside a flat surface that’s suitable for jump rope will do. It is important to continue jump roping until the rope comes to a stop. Do not use this time to rest, begin jumping immediately if the rope ceases. Repeat this workout two times through with a 3-minute break in between set 1 and 2.

The Workout:

? 90 seconds two-foot jump

? 10 yard sprint (15 second rest when finished)

? 90 seconds double unders

? 10 yard sprint (15 second rest when finished)

? 90 seconds single leg (alternate)

? 10 yard sprint (15 second rest when finished)

? 90 seconds high knee jump

? 10 yard sprint (15 second rest when finished)

? 90 seconds jumping jack style jump laterally

? 10 yard sprint (3 minute rest, repeat workout)


? Trail Run Workout

Trails are a great way to get outside and still achieve your daily workout while mixing it up. If you live in the city, plan to make the trip to the nearest trail and get a break from the chaos of the concrete jungle. Do some research and select a scenic trail and connect with nature. Make sure to look around and enjoy the sights of nature during this free-form workout.

The Workout:

? 5 minute jog

? 50 squats

? 3 minute run

? 50 incline pushups

? 2 minute run

? 30 second sprint

? Plank until failure

? 2 minute run

? 30 second sprint

? 2 minute mountain climbers

? 3 minute jog

? 30 burpees

? 5 minute light jog

outdoor workout

Take Home Message

Pack up your gym gear and head outside to grab some fresh air. Give yourself a break from the daily grind and being confined inside. When you take a break from the gym and your regular lifting schedule, you usually come back to the gym more motivated and energized. Most people use winter as bulking season, these workouts will condition your muscles for the upcoming heavy lifting. The winter can last a long time, so try to get all of these in before the cold hits and you really are confined indoors!

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