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Tips To Start A New Workout Class

Tips To Start A New Workout Class

Starting a new workout class is really exciting, but being the new kid can be pretty intimidating too, especially if you haven’t exercised much before. Here a few tips to help you feel more prepared.

Do Your Homework

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Before you sign up to a class, do a bit of research and know what it is you are looking for out of an exercise class. Make sure the instructor is qualified and insured. If you have any health issues or injuries, make sure you inform the instructor of these before you start the class so that they can take your individual situation into consideration when they are teaching the class. This will help keep you safe and also ensure that the instructor is able to help you if you do fall unwell due to a health condition.

Arrive Early

The early bird catches the worm, or in this case the attention of the instructor. You may need to fill out a health form and pay for the class before it starts so things will be a lot smoother if you are ahead of time so that you can do this without interrupting the class. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have and meet other people that are taking part.

Dress Comfortably

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This is so crucial to you enjoying your class. Make sure you wear clothing that will keep you cool and that will stretch with your body, especially if you are doing a yoga class where you might need to be extra flexible. You also don’t want to have to feel self conscious during the class or constantly pulling things up or down as you exercise. It doesn’t have to be fancy gear, just clothing that you are comfy in and able to move freely in.

Bring Plenty of Water

Getting dehydrated is no fun, and depending where your class is on there may not be a drinking fountain or shop nearby. Most gyms have vending machines nowadays, but if your class is outdoors or in a school hall, you may not have that luxury. Drinking enough water through your class will not only help keep you cool, but will also help you focus on what you are doing. Make sure you pack at least one bottle of water in your gym bag before you go so that you can stay hydrated throughout your class!

Go at Your Own Pace

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Don’t feel you have to keep up with everyone else in the class. Most people are so self conscious of themselves that they will not have time to notice how you are keeping up with the class. Make sure you go at your own pace and don’t worry if you struggle with mastering all the exercises that you do, you will get better the more you practice. A good class will include adaptations of the harder exercises for those in the class who may not be as advanced as others, don’t feel embarrassed to ask for an easier version of an exercise if you are having problems.

Avoid Excess Jewellery

Jewellery can get broken very easily, and can be a hindrance to enjoying your class if you have to take it off because it’s in the way. It is also very easy to lose once it is taken off too, so where possible, try to keep it to a minimum to save yourself the stress of storing it safely or fumbling to get it off during a class if it gets in the way.

Invite a Buddy

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It can be quite intimidating starting a new class, so why not ask a friend to join you? This also helps to give you some accountability, and is a great way to hit two birds with one stone; you can make the class a social occasion. You can encourage each other when the going gets tough and you won’t want to skip classes if it means letting your friend down!

Be Open Minded

You probably will find the class tough, but give it a chance and try to keep an open mind throughout. Remember the more you exercise the fitter you will get so even if you struggled in this session, you may find the next session a bit easier! Don’t rule out returning to the class unless you genuinely hated the activity in itself! Don’t let feeling self conscious deter you, even the instructor was a beginner once!

Group exercise classes are a great way to exercise, there is nothing like a group of people training together to motivate you. It can also save you money, and many classes are on in the evenings to suit people who are at work through the day. Make sure you do your research, and don’t let the fact that you are a beginner put you off!



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