How To Maximise Gym Performance

How can I make the most of my gym performance?

From strained reps to unfinished sets, it’s all too easy to get bumped off course when going for new fitness goals. But if you want to start the New Year bulking up, losing weight or smashing your targets, you can’t waste time on a bad workout.

When it comes to getting a stronger, fitter body in the gym, turning up is half the battle – the other half is preparation, consistency and hard work.

Maybe you want to grow some serious size – maybe you want to slim down. Either way, you can’t improvise. You need to be prepared, and that starts with what type of body you want to achieve.

Hitting your gym goals

Thankfully we’ve plotted your way to fitness, so you don’t have to. Below we’ve outlined a few ways you can boost your gym performance in just seven days. For a more comprehensive guide, download our tailored six-week calendars and you’ll find workout schedules, exercise tips and meal suggestions that’ll put you on the front foot to fitness in no time.


To get toned…

your focus should be on building muscle and burning fat. To grow muscle, you should be lifting weights that push your muscles to the limit in each and every set, and then consuming whey protein afterwards to repair the tissue.

Activities like sprinting and intervals will help you lose fat – bringing out your muscle definition underneath – but make sure you vary up your exercises or else your body could plateau.


To build muscle…

…you need to focus on lifting heavier weights to build your size. Keep reps lower and complete more sets to challenge your body and build strength. Make sure you’re working as many of your muscles as you can by taking time with your workouts and using a full range of motion.

To maximize gains and reduce the chance of injury, proper form is key. To boost your workout, consider working BCAA and pre-workout supplements into your routine.


To get shredded…

…switch to heavier weights rather than higher reps, and don’t focus too much on cardio.

With your body in a calorie deficit, cardio is likely to eat away at your hard-earned muscles. Timing is important, so you should be separating your lifting and cardio sessions whenever possible to minimize muscle-burning.

Upping your protein intake will help you stay fuller for longer while maintaining your muscle mass, and you should consider including casein in your diet – a casein shake before bedtime provides a sustained release of amino acids to your bloodstream, feeding your muscles while you sleep.


New Year, New Fitness Ambition

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