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Make Your Workouts More Effective

Make Your Workouts More Effective

It’s common now that many people will constantly go to the gym day after day but still fail to get the proper results they are wanting. This is usually because your body has become used to your workouts and is no longer using as much energy as it used to use in the beginning of when you first started training. I have been training for several years and I witness people workout in the gym daily and after months of training, they look the exact same as they did months ago as they do today.

This is based on two factors: your diet and your workouts you are performing. Your workouts aren’t meant to leave you feeling sore as can be the following day/s, but you should be able to finish a tough workout in an hour-2 hours maximum and be left leaving the gym exhausted of energy, not full of life and energy. Find out how to switch up your workouts and make them more effective.

Reverse Your Workout

most effective workouts

Try something new with your current routine: simply reverse the order of your workout. This will help promote muscle confusion. When you workout the same routine every week, your body becomes used to what workouts and exercises you are doing. It knows that after you finish you 5 sets of 5 reps on squats it will be followed by another 5 sets of 10 reps on leg press. Your body knows what is coming next and it is ready for the workout. There’s no muscle confusion or shocking of the muscles. Reversing your workouts will help promote muscle confusion to allow greater growth.

Interval Training

Interval training means that you perform a set number of sets per exercise while on a specific timed interval. This means that no matter how exhausted you might feel after a certain exercise or set, you will be forced to continue your workout in the set interval time, regardless of how tired and how much rest you feel you need. Chances are the amount of rest you are currently taking exceeds the amount limited to help keep your heart rate high and fuel your metabolism.

Set a timer on your watch or smartphone and try performing sets on the minute or minute and a half. This means that if you have a workout that is squats with 10 reps per set, you will perform these 10 reps as you normally would during this minute time. Once you finish your 10 reps, you will rest until the minute is up. Once the minute is up, you will immediately begin the next set of 10 reps on squats. Repeat this process for your desired number of sets.

The advantage of performing exercises on timed sets is that it constantly keeps your heart rate high which helps speed up your metabolism to increase overall calories burned during your workouts and your overall day.

Maximum Range of Motion

By allowing your muscles to have a full contraction and extension, it causes your muscle fibers to reach maximum stretch in the muscles themselves. This is the goal in which you should be trying to achieve with every exercise when it comes to weight lifting. The greater the stretch, while still under a controlled movement, the greater the results will be on that muscle region during growth and recovery.

most effective workouts

Chances are that if you are quickly performing your reps very fast, your are performing your exercises in a uncontrolled manor that is diminishing the results you could potentially be obtaining. When you allow your body to reach a full stretch on an exercise, the next thing you want is pause for a second or two on the eccentric part of your exercise, which is the part in which the full stretch is achieved and the entire weight load is forced upon a body part or muscle region. Once you have paused for a second or two, continue with your exercise and retract your muscles to help bring your body back to the starting position of the exercises to begin the next repetition.

Don’t Be An Ego Lifter

Remember, when lifting weights, it’s very important to lift in a slow, controlled manner with a weight load that you can handle appropriately under this type of tension. More often then not, the weight you are currently using is too heavy and is the largest factor as to why your workouts are showing little results. Just because you have the strength to use 50lb dumbbells for single arm curls doesn’t mean that you are actually capable of yielding a proper workout and stretch while using this weight. In fact, it very well might be too heavy for you.

Instead, decrease the weight load by 20% or even 50% and focus completely on a slow and controlled motion. I promise that slowly performing curls using 20lb dumbbells and allowing for the maximum movement, slow release, and a controlled contraction on the way up while squeezing your biceps as hard as you can, flexing, during each rep, not only will you begin to feel a burn greater than you would feel curling 50lbs, but you will also begin to develop greater muscle results in your tissue and you will begin to see a noticeable change in physical appearance in a short matter of weeks.

Change Up Your Stance

most effective workouts

If you were standing for curls, try sitting down or using a preacher machine. This will remove any weight and motion from your body and put the entire focus purely on your arms to increase tension and the mind to muscle connection. If you are squatting with your feet spread wide, try moving them in closer with your feet located directly in line with your shoulders, and slowly descending down into a squat position, pausing for a second or two before exploding back up with each and every rep (make sure to set the safety bar in case you cannot stand back up).

Take-Home Message

There is hundreds of different workouts anyone can do for a specific muscle group, and each exercise has dozens of different way in which the exercise can be performed. Just because everyone is performing one exercise the same way doesn’t mean its the only way to perform it. Change up your exercises and use proper form, and I promise in a matter of weeks you will begin to notice significant changes to your body’s physical appearance that you have never seen so quickly before.

Logan Berman

Logan Berman

Writer and expert

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