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No Gym? No Problem | Get Active & Lose Weight Without A Gym

Joining a gym can be fun, challenging and exciting, however it is not the only way to work out and stay fit. There are numerous ways of staying fit without having to go to the gym. Sure, a gym is a great starting point, but it is not the only point where an individual can start a healthy life.

Boot Camp Training

One way you can start a healthy lifestyle is by starting your own workout regime (boot camp style). This is a lot of fun because it is challenging and rejuvenating. This allows you to create your challenge by doing strength and cardio exercises at home or outside. All you need for this is motivation and a good pair of shoes!

Create A Training Group

Another way to work out without using the gym is by forming a group. Working out alone can be detrimental to some; thus, joining others who share the same goals can be motivating. Get a couple of people together and join an adult sports league. If you have missed the deadline for a league, than   form your won sports team and do a weekly training session.

how to lose weight without going to the gym

Train For An Obstacle Race

Third way to work out without utilizing the gym is sign up for an obstacle course or race. This can include a 5k or 10k marathon. This will encourage you to work out daily in order to build endurance to finish the race or obstacle course.

Take A Hike!

Taking a hike is a great way to get your heart pumping while enjoying some fresh air and scoping out the beautiful scenery that nature has to offer. Grab some friends, lace up your sneakers, and get your hike on! The scenery and feeling of accomplishment after your hike are so much better than an afternoon at the gym.

how to lose weight without going to the gym

Track Attack

Running burns more calories than almost any other cardio activity, but it can be draining on a treadmill alongside others. A great way to keep your running workouts exciting is heading to a nearby track. The track alone will inspire you to run, run, and run!

Buy Online

Online group buys, like Groupon, Eversave, BuyWithMe, and LivingSocial, often offer great deals on fitness activities, such as yoga classes, rock climbing, and even kayaking lessons. Taking advantage of these deals is a great way to try something new and keep your workouts exciting! Plus who doesn’t love a great workout for cheap, or no price at all?

how to lose weight without going to the gym 6

Do Your Chores!

You can kill two birds with one stone by completing your chores in a active manner. Put on some music and dance while you dust or vacuum. Volunteering for a community-service project, such as building a home with Habitat for Humanity or cleaning up a park or other green space, is a great way to add some activity to your day while improving your community at the same time. If you spend the whole day moving around, it definitely counts as a workout! Plus the satisfaction you get from helping someone is great too.

Try Out Yoga

One of the best things about yoga is that you need only your body and a mat to do it. There are tons of online yoga workouts that demonstrate the poses, so you can try pretty much any kind of yoga without leaving the comfort of your own home.  You can even do it outside if the weather permits. How nice it would be listening to birds chirping while you are in a “Zen” pose.

yoga for beginners

Get Out At Lunch

Instead of eating lunch at your desk, lace up your shoes and do all daily errands on foot during your lunch break. Maybe plug in your iPod and go for walk to the bank or to the mail courier.  It is gratifying knowing that you have knocked off errands and workout out of the way frees up my evening for some serious relaxation!

Play In The Park

Meeting friends for Happy Hour after work? Why not head to the park for a couple of hours of play? Bring a Frisbee or Volleyball to have some fun and sweat a bit. This way, you can incorporate some activity into my social life – and avoid those cocktail calories!

Take-Home Message

All of these are fun ways to incorporate working out into your daily life without the hassle of going to a gym, at the same time as socializing, getting chores done, and having fun!



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