Labor Day Activities To Keep Your Summer Body

Labor Day Activities To Keep Your Summer Body

With summer winding down to an end, there’s one last long weekend in which you’ll get the opportunity to be outside, be with friends and family, and possibly strip down to your bathing suit one last time. This food-friendly weekend is usually accompanied by sugary, alcohol drinks, fattening foods and generally not doing an awful lot that is useful for your body. In order to keep your summer body and hit fall running with a sick physique, follow these simple tips and activity ideas to enjoy your Labor Day 2016 but also ensure you’re still on the right track with your training.

Labor Day Activities

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Many use Labor Day weekend as one last hoorah to go to the lake or beach and use it as the last excuse to eat tons of grilled food. What we don’t want to happen is for you to sit on your butt all weekend long and put on 5-7 lbs. Staying active on this extended weekend is crucial, especially if you’re going out of town with friends/family without access to a gym.

If you’re heading to a body of water, be the first to want to go skiing, tubing, wakeboarding or even just parking the pontoon for a while to swim. Another idea is to maybe grab your clubs and hit the greens for a round of golf. Opt to walk the course – the worse you are the more cardio you’ll get in! Your diet won’t be perfect over this 3-4 day period so doing everything you can to burn some extra calories will help even everything out.

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What to Drink

There’s going to be plenty of your friends and buddies that will be throwing back the cans of brew like it’s their job this weekend. If you want to maintain that sleek six-pack everyone’s checking out, then steering clear of the alcohol is the way to go. Even with light beers posting just under 100 calories per bottle, every bottle adds up (especially over a long weekend). Choose to opt for drinks that will help with hydrating you – especially if you’re heading somewhere warm. Water, plain iced tea or even some sugar-free lemonade options are the best options, but perhaps a couple of light beers won’t hurt.

If you’re fitness game is really on point, pack some BCAAs to mix with your water bottle to sip on throughout the day.

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Choose your Food Wisely

Food this weekend will be crucial to keeping your body the way you want. Have a goal in mind and try to “macro” out each meal you’re eating so you can somewhat stick to your nutrition goals. For example, if you’re going to have a double cheeseburger hot off the grill on a bun with some chips and some macaroni salad, then you’re probably going to not want to eat the pizza everyone’s downing later on that night.

If you’re struggling with deciding what to eat, try to opt and go low carb for the weekend since not much exercise will be done anyway. So go ahead and get your cheeseburger but maybe surpass the bun and chips and pick up so veggies with ranch dip instead. If you know you’re ordering pizza one day, save your calories for that meal and eat lighter throughout the day. To curve hunger, bring some whey protein powder and other snacks like protein bars, beef jerky and almonds that will keep you in tip top shape!

Enjoy your Labor Day

It’s important to fully enjoy your Labor day, but you can also enjoy it in a smart way that doesn’t impact too much on your training and appearance. Be smart about how you go about your business, fit in fun calorie burning activities to counteract that cheeseburger, pizza slice or couple of evening beers. Be sure to check out the deals and sales that Myprotein will be exclusively offering the Labor Day 2016 weekend.


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