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Jump Your Way to Fat Loss

Jump Your Way to Fat Loss

As a kid, there was nothing more awesome than jumping on a trampoline. You could spend hours jumping, tumbling, and attempting to flip your feet over your head. You could also play hopscotch, jump on your bed, or jump rope. Needless to say, jumping is one of the first activities we learn as kids. It’s also one of the best ways to skyrocket your metabolism and burn more fat.

Over the last year, I’ve reconnected with my past and my inner athlete. Explosive exercises have become my ideal way to train, and I discovered it has tremendous power when it comes to weight loss.

Here’s why jumping sends your metabolism to the next level:

Jumping forces your hips to extend and contract explosively. Explosive movements, like jumping, recruit the biggest muscles in your body (glutes, hamstrings, and quads) forcing them to contract rapidly. High-speed muscle contractions require more of your muscle fibers to fire; and the more muscle fibers that fire, the more calories you burn.

But, explosive movements also make the rest of your workout more effective. Explosive movement like jumps also helps you retain more muscle while optimizing your metabolism.

How To Train Using Jumping

Ignite your metabolism, get your heart pumping, and push yourself to achieve your highest level of fat loss with these variations of jumps.

Jump Rope

There is no better way to send your metabolism to the stratosphere than by jumping rope. Plus, not only will you burn a ton of calories, but it also helps you build those pesky calves.

For athletes in their off-season, adding a few rounds of jump rope is the best way to maintain their agility and conditioning.

I’ll assume, that at some point in your life, you’ve played around with a jump rope. I won’t cover the basics to jumping rope, but I will tell you how to set-up a great training session.

Set a timer for 12-15 minutes and jump as a finisher  to your main workout. Or, jump as long as you can for 5 minutes as a warm-up before your main workout.

Heading out for vacation during the holidays? If you’re looking for a great way to burn calories without lugging around equipment, look no further than a jump rope.

jump rope

Bulgarian Split Squat with a Jump

Single leg exercises are commonly referred to as unilateral movements, and they burn a ton of calories. There’s no better way to balance strength on your dominant and non-dominant sides.

The Bulgarian Split-Squat is the best lower body unilateral movement you can do to incinerate body fat and build more muscle.

Advancing this exercise is usually done by adding dumbbells or kettle-bells. But you can also advance this exercise by adding a jump at the bottom of the movement.

Your glutes and quads will need to explosively fire to thrust your weight off the ground. And for you that means, you burn more calories than with a bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat.

? Box Jumps

These are a really great exercise to get the heart rate up and work those leg muscles. Most gyms will provide a raised surface/box which you can jump onto, but you can improvise with these outside. All you need to do is find a raise area and jump up onto it. Simple, yet effective.

box jump benefits

? Star Jumps

The star is my favorite power-up in Mario. It allows you to blaze around the world impervious to every enemy in your path.

Sadly, Star Jumps won’t make you invincible, but they will ignite your metabolism like you just ate a Fire Flower.

Like the jump rope, you don’t need a lot of room to perform Star Jumps, either, which makes them a great exercise for staying fit while you travel or while you have limited space to workout.

Try supersetting these with goblet squats or bodyweight squats for an extra caloric burn.

? Lunge Jump

Are you thinking about training to become the next big MMA star? You’re going to need not only to be strong, but you also need to be explosive. Just take a look at the power behind some of the kicks the best fighters in the world employ.

Their kicks are able to land and completely rearrange their opponents faces. And power like that requires a ton of calories.

So maybe you’re not going to be the next Conor McGregor, but you can train like Conor and deliver a KO to body fat. One of the best ways to do this is with the Lunge Jump.


Take Home Message

Fat loss doesn’t have to be boring. Why not get more bang for your buck and use exercises that require your body to burn more calories? Add a few of these jump variations in between your working sets or add them into your warm-up. Or, take them with you on the road this holiday and use them to burn off grandma’s famous Christmas pie.

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Robbie Farlow

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