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Why Join The Gym? The Top 5 Reasons

Why Join The Gym? The Top 5 Reasons

Many people struggle to find the time, motivation and energy to get effective workouts in. They tell themselves they will do at home sessions, go outside when it’s nice and be better on their own way from the pressure of the gym. This usually leads to missed workouts and extended periods of procrastination.

First off I will openly say, people who claim to not have the time need to make the time. It’s there, write down how you spend every hour of your day and if the time you need means an hour less sleep or an hour less TV then make the decision of what is more important.

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Secondly for those that this is a cost issue you can get a gym membership for about $20 a month sometimes you can even bring a free guest every visit so you could make that work with a friend so its $10 and if you again look at how you spend your money then 10-20 a month should not be too hard t find, that’s a couple less lunches or coffees a month, make it happen.

Reasons you need to actually join a gym

1. You need to plan – By joining a gym you have to plan when you will go because you can’t just tell yourself you will fit it in later or you will get a 20 minute blast in before work. You need to set aside a little time to go get it done and when you do that you will be more productive once you are there.

2. You won’t get bored – At home workouts can be great every once in a while, when its sunny go for a run, when you really are short for time get some push-ups or dips in but if that is your everyday routine you will get bored. Gyms have a range of machines, free weights, cables, medicine balls, TRX areas and classes available so you can constantly be learning new things and changing things up which relieves the boredom some of you fall victim to in your workouts.

3. It holds you accountable – If you are paying a gym membership, even if it’s only $20 a month, you feel like you have to make use of it. You can also meet fellow gym goers or recruit friends to go with you.

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4. The atmosphere – If you are at home and you go from sitting on the couch to working out you may not be in the best mental state to put in a hard workout. However once you get to the gym you get such a range of intensity from people running, high energy group sessions and people going for max effort lifts it is hard to not be boosted by the atmosphere.

5. You can learn from the people around you – Personal training can usually be attained in gyms which is great for any novice lifters. However as well as that you can see other people doing their own routines, pick up tricks and tips as you go. If you stay away from the gym environment you miss out on the opportunity to learn from others and if you’re not learning you could fall into bad habits, injure yourself performing lifts with poor form and lose interest due to boredom.

Take-Home Message

As a bonus you will also gain confidence. You first step into a gym environment as a timid novice who is already outside your comfort zone but by doing that each day you expand your knowledge and gain a sense of achievement by becoming a regular user of the facility. You make it your own and establish a routine that benefits your health and well being while also working towards your fitness goals.

The number of inspiring stories that started with people just taking the first step and joining a club, gym or other fitness community and going on to do great things is unbelievable. The power of simply making that decision can be amazing.

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